Metsola warns of the ‘danger’ of Trump’s statements

Metsola warns of the ‘danger’ of Trump’s statements

As usual, the US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, uttered controversial phrases and did not go unanswered. Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament, said she aimed to send “the clearest of messages, regardless of who is in power”, stating: “We are strong enough to defend each other and that we must recognize the danger of any statement like this type”.

At issue are Trump’s statements that he said he warned NATO allies that he would encourage Russia to do whatever it wanted with countries with debts to the Atlantic Alliance. Trump even said that he would “encourage” Russia to attack any NATO country that does not contribute 2% of its GDP to the alliance’s coffers.

“I think that what the US presidential candidate said is perhaps something that will awaken some of the allies who haven’t done much. I hope we all do more to be collectively stronger, together,” Metsola said at a press conference in the Estonian capital.

But she was not the only one to comment on this matter. Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia, said Trump’s comments should be a wake-up call for allies to spend more on defense.

And the President of the European Parliament assured that she had spoken with the Prime Minister of Estonia about “improving European security, the necessary investments in the defense industry and the search for ways to use Russian assets frozen for Ukraine”.

“We will continue to condemn Russian aggression and impose tough sanctions to stop the financing of the Russian war machine. Sanctions must be applied in full and all loopholes must be closed,” he said, adding: “We will also continue to hold those guilty of war crimes accountable and do everything in our power to help Ukraine in the integration process European”.

Remember that European leaders criticized Donald Trump’s suggestion. For example, Josep Borrell, responsible for the European Union’s foreign and defense policy, reacted: “Let’s be serious. NATO cannot be an ‘à la carte’ military alliance. And he added: “I’m not going to spend my time commenting on any nonsense that comes up during this campaign in the US”-


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