Mexico is far from the ‘green’ goal

Mexico is far from the ‘green’ goal

Mexico City.- The goal established by Mexico in its international commitments and in its Energy Transition Law of generating 35 percent clean energy this year is distant.

As of September of last year, clean energy generation was only 20.7 percent, according to an analysis carried out by México Evalúa and published at the end of December.

In El Sextante, a tool of the organization that monitors the energy transition, he reviewed the data generated by the National Energy Control Center (Cenace), with which it was determined that fossil energy generation is almost 80 percent. hundred.

Advances in clean generation have not been consolidated as expected, since in 2016, the proportion of generation of the total also stood at 20.15 percent.

Viviana Patiño, researcher of the regulation and competition program of Mexico Evalúa, highlighted the high dependence on generation from fuels, and considers that the reasons why the country has not managed to advance in terms of clean energy generation are regulatory obstacles, permits and investment.

“We depend 79.3 percent on fossil energy and I think that this fact in itself is very strong, and should be enough to realize that we are being omitted to put seriousness and commitment to the energy transition,” he pointed out.

Patiño said that the Supreme Court’s unconstitutionality of some articles of the reform of the Electricity Industry Law (LIE) is an important advance in regulatory matters, but there are still obstacles that must be addressed, such as incentives.

He criticized that the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has stopped or irregularly issued generation permits, which has generated a “bottleneck” in the sector.

Regarding energy access, Patiño said that it is important to once again promote the installation of solar and wind energy plants to boost the percentage of clean generation.

For this, it is necessary to attract investments, which are estimated at around 8 billion dollars in solar and wind plants. With this amount, he said, 35 percent of clean energy could be achieved.

However, the research carried out shows that between 2021 and 2022 a decrease in clean generation was observed, as it went from 27.45 to 26.12 percent.

Patiño considered that the changes in the electricity dispatch criteria promoted in the agreements and reforms to the LIE discouraged investors from betting on renewable energies.


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