MGK is meeting in Beştepe today – News of the Day

MGK is meeting in Beştepe today – News of the Day



The National Security Council will meet with a busy agenda for the second time this year under the chairmanship of President Erdoğan.

The first topic of the critical meeting to be held in Beştepe is the fight against terrorism.

Turkey’s goal is to complete the security perimeter on Iraqi borders by this summer. In this context, the meeting will focus on expanding ongoing operations to destroy terrorist elements in northern Iraq.

Preparations for President Erdoğan’s visit to Baghdad later this month will be discussed.

Attacks of PKK supporters on Turks living in Europe

At the MGK meeting, attacks by supporters of the terrorist organization PKK against Turks living in Europe and Turkey’s diplomatic representations will also be discussed. The steps taken so far and additional measures to be taken in this regard will be evaluated.

Relations with Washington administration

Relations with the Washington administration will be another issue on the board’s agenda.
The latest situation in the process carried out with the United States for the procurement of F-16s and the President’s visit to Washington in May will be discussed by the Board.

MGK is meeting in Beştepe today

Massacres carried out by Israel in Gaza

The massacres carried out by Israel in Gaza will also be discussed.

An evaluation will be made regarding the contacts carried out to stop the attacks, ensure the uninterrupted delivery of humanitarian aid, and prevent Israel’s efforts to spread tension in the region.

29 lives were lost in the chain of negligence! ‘Death corridor’ did not pass

Work initiated to update the ‘Red Book’

And the work initiated to update the ‘National Security Policy Document’, publicly known as the ‘Red Book’.

A presentation will be made at the meeting regarding the progress reached in the study, which is planned to be submitted to the approval of the MGK before the end of the year.

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