Michaelmas. Do’s and Don’ts November 21, 2023 | Religion | Society

Michaelmas.  Do’s and Don’ts November 21, 2023 |  Religion |  Society

November 21, 2023 marks the feast of the Council of the Archangel Michael and other ethereal Heavenly Powers. Archangel Michael is remembered twice a year. First time, September 19 – Michael’s miracle. And on November 21st comes the Council of the Archangel Michael. On this day, the archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selaphiel, Jehudiel, Barachiel and Jeremiel are also remembered.

Who is Archangel Michael?

Michael is the main archangel, leader of the heavenly army. The word “angel” in Greek means “messenger”. The prefix “archi” indicates a more elevated service compared to other angels. The name Michael is translated from the Hebrew language “Who is like God?” meaning “No one is equal to God.” It is mentioned several times in the Bible. Moreover, he is the only angel who is named, and also who is mentioned in the prophecy of the Last Judgment – there he is called the great prince, standing for the sons of the people. In the book of Revelation, Archangel Michael appears as the main leader in the war against the devil and other rebellious angels. On the icons, Michael is depicted as a winged youth or young man in armor and with a sword or spear, with the help of which he overthrows the devil. In Orthodoxy, the Archangel Michael is called the Archangel, which means “the head of the holy army of angels and archangels.” It is customary to turn to Archangel Michael with prayers for healing from all sorts of ailments, as well as for protection from dark forces, evil people and strengthening spiritual strength.

What can you do on November 21, 2023?

— It is customary to go to the bathhouse to wash away all sins.

— The last day before winter when you can still get married.

— It is customary to attend worship services.

— It is customary to prepare different dishes and invite guests to the table.

What should you not do on November 21, 2023?

— You can’t work or do household chores.

– You can’t cut your hair or do your hair.

– You can’t spend the day alone.


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