Milei explained details of his talk with Alberto and was harsh with Massa if he resigns: “It is irresponsible”

Milei explained details of his talk with Alberto and was harsh with Massa if he resigns: “It is irresponsible”

He elected president, Javier Milei, He confirmed this Monday that the transition of power will begin with Alberto Fernández and revealed details of his talk with the President, after the confirmation of his victory in the runoff election.

In addition, he criticized a possible request for a license from Sergio Massa as Minister of Economy and pointed out that it would be “enormous irresponsibility.”

“We had a talk (with Alberto Fernández), in which he congratulated me; “He invited me to have a meeting so that the transition is orderly and thus minimize the damage to the population due to what is happening in the markets,” he said in dialogue with Continental radio.

In relation to the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, he considered that it would be “an enormous irresponsibility in the face of the delicate macroeconomic situation to erase himself,” and added that “he should take charge of the disaster that he has made in the fiscal, monetary, prices, activity and debt.” “It is not a very mature act, institutionally after all the disasters caused by the government to blame whoever follows, it is truly an incredible thing,” he concluded.

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On the other hand, he also announced that when he takes office, on December 10, he will present a diagnosis of the situation in the country: “We are going to be very explicit about what inheritance is; “We are going to tell the Argentines in great detail about the disaster left behind by this Government, which, on top of that, does not even show the face of taking responsibility for the damage caused.”

Asked about the name of his future Minister of Economy, Milei assured: “I still prefer not to give it because the strategy of attrition by the current government with respect to its successor, whom it blames for the aberrations caused by itself, is of “a scoundrel never seen before.” “I am not going to be Minister of Economy of my own government, but I am an economist and I became popular by being an economist, people are fed up with inflation, they want it to end and they elected their first economist president in history,” he added.

In another passage of the report, he analyzed the overwhelming result of the runoff: “There is a true awakening to the ideas of freedom. Fortunately, Argentines have become aware of the value of freedom and luckily hope won over fear. We were the only space that presented a concrete idea of ​​government. We have a shadow team working and it is not that we have not presented things, but that they were distorted all the time, a campaign of fear was carried out, I have been a victim of the dirtiest campaign in the history of humanity.”

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Regarding the stage that is opening in the country, he assured that the “central axis” will be to “minimize the damage to society; The adjustment inexorably has to be done, the big difference is that the political caste always decided that the people would pay for it and we say that the political caste with its partners will have to pay for it.”

Along these lines, he announced that in the next few hours his team of future officials will meet with representatives of the Economy and the Central Bank.


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