Military spending by NATO countries other than the US has soared by 32% since 2014

Military spending by NATO countries other than the US has soared by 32% since 2014

The Military Balance 2024, released this Tuesday by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS), states that the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), with the exception of the United States of America (USA) increased their total military expenditure, by 32%, since 2014.

The report, which is published annually by the British think tank, indicates that these expenses, whose increase coincided with Russia’s invasion of Crimea (Ukraine), “are only resolving long-standing problems and there are signs that inflation continues to be a concern, with the costs of some types of ammunition more than doubling.”

The document defines the lack of “evident” capacity of Western countries to keep up with the demand for more military equipment and ammunition as worrying.

This arms race, according to the ISS, is being accompanied by China and Russia, which currently dedicate more than 30% of their public expenditure to defense.

Worldwide, military spending increased by 9% compared to 2022 and is expected to grow even further in 2024, given the commitments already publicly disclosed.

Although some countries are adopting new technologies, such as hypersonic gliders and cruise missiles or direct attack munitions, the authors of the report found that interest in more ‘traditional’ equipment, such as artillery or anti-aircraft defense, has recovered.

The US and China have once again invested in nuclear weapons, particularly in increasing missile silos and modernizing warheads and launch systems.


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