‘Minister Top’ expects Chinese beggars to be victims of international human trafficking. Please inform the hotline 1300

‘Minister Top’ expects Chinese beggars to be victims of international human trafficking.  Please inform the hotline 1300

21 Nov. 2023 – At Government House, Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Social Development and Human Security (Min.), gave an interview before the Cabinet (Cabinet) meeting about the case of the Chinese beggar movement. that news about Chinese beggars has been seen in many places It is expected that in the past they may have been victims of transnational human trafficking. Currently, the MSD has coordinated with all agencies. Whether it is the security department Ministry of Interior and police officers that if it were the case of Thai people, the matter would be less complicated Because it is already against the law regarding begging and the MSD can take care of it. But in this case, being a foreigner, it becomes more complicated. As far as I know, beggars Found on November 10th, he arrived with an expired passport. It is illegal entry into the country. There will be other laws involved in immigration matters.

Mr. Warawut said begging is illegal in every area of ​​Thailand. Whether it is illegal immigration or begging, there are many laws involved. Importantly, the issue of human trafficking in Thailand attaches great importance. He has met with the sub-committee and has always followed up. Whether in the Ministry of Labor The police and the MSD have taken strict action, so the issue of human trafficking must be investigated further. that in each case encountered and similar Authorities must be investigated further. How is it involved and part of the human trafficking process or not?

He would like to inform the people that If anyone finds a case of begging anywhere, it’s up to you. Please notify the staff. Because it is illegal to do so. And if anyone gives alms, it is also against the law. Especially if you see a foreigner begging in any area. Most of which are crowded areas. There are a lot of people walking around, so please keep your eyes and ears open. If you see it, please report it to the MSD hotline 1300, which the MSD’s People’s Welfare Management Center (CSR) is currently ready. There are both rapid mobile units and officials to solve urgent problems.

The reporter asked: Questions have been raised as to whether this matter is related to the free Chinese visa case. That may be a loophole for Chinese people to come and practice their profession in the country. Mr. Warawut said that from the first case that we encountered, people traveled with expired passports. There will be a free visa or you can enter the country. We must investigate how they got into the city. As for the case of visa-free immigration, I believe that immigration officials will have sufficient discretion. If you encounter a suspicious person traveling into the Kingdom There will probably be questions asked first. So it shouldn’t be related.

When asked if it was a concern if Thailand was ranked up and down on human trafficking, Mr. Warawut said that Thailand is currently in the process of compiling a Tip Report or submitting a report on human trafficking. to relevant foreign agencies It is expected that at the end of this year it will be completed and within January 2024 it will be sent to relevant agencies for further consideration. Therefore, every year Thailand must make a report. There must be three parts to this report: 1. Legal proceedings and litigation. 2. Prevention and awareness creation 3. Healing and care All three sections have different departments that take care of them. The Royal Thai Police The Ministry of Labor and the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, all agencies perform their best every year. Which Thailand is currently at level 2, which is a moderate level. In the past, both the current government and the past government have worked hard. In order to make Thailand in Tier 2, today it can be done. And the promotion of status back to Tier 1 must be made a model, thus solving the problem of human trafficking in both beggars and many other businesses. It is the key to bringing Thailand back to Tier 1.

Asked how the MSD will coordinate with the police in a concrete way, Mr. Warawut said that there are a number of police officers and MSD officials. But the people who will help the officials the most are all citizens. If they see beggars anywhere, especially if it is the case of foreigners. There is an opportunity to become involved in the human trafficking process. Therefore, I would like to ask for your help to notify the MSD hotline or the police. But at the same time, the police and the MSD are continuously coordinating.

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