Mobilization 2023 in Ukraine bled in one sphere

Mobilization 2023 in Ukraine bled in one sphere

People need to be motivated by money to serve, the Ukrainian soldier believes.

Mobilization in Ukraine continues, but there are serious disadvantages during this process.

This opinion was expressed by the commander of the UAV platoon of the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade named after Yakov Handzyuk of the Ukrainian army, Andrey Serhan, in an interview with Radio Liberty. “…I see queues in barbershops, in coffee shops, in gyms, in restaurants, I see queues everywhere, but I don’t see queues near military enlistment centers,” the soldier said and added that this is why he cannot say that mobilization processes are underway successfully, and there are many willing to serve.

“…those who are gathered in the villages, please forgive me, these are working guys from the agricultural sector, who are now simply “bloodied”. And these are not volunteers,” the interlocutor emphasized.

Sergan believes that the Ukrainian authorities need to work as hard as possible to ensure that people have the motivation to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The commander of the drone platoon noted that the soldiers should receive a decent salary, not additional temporary payments.

“…We understand that we sign a contract for 400 or 500-600 dollars, that’s about 20-25 thousand hryvnias, that’s the salary. And the fact that they additionally pay thirty, fifty or one hundred is already bonuses, and they are not permanent…”, he emphasized.

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Important Ukrainian news – mobilization continues, and it is worth knowing

In our country, men of draft age (18-60 years old) began to actively mobilize after the Russian Federation carried out a full-scale invasion of our land. In addition, female doctors must appear at the military enlistment office to check information.

The Armed Forces stressed that mobilization is subject to conscripts who are not prevented from serving by any health problems. It was also noted that people entitled to deferment from service are not subject to mobilization.

According to the military-political observer Alexander Kovalenko, there are problems with mobilization in our state. The expert reported that people who do not want to do it are sent to fight, and in this way, the military commissions replace our fighters, since unmotivated people can become traitors.

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