Montella: We want to win and go down in history

Montella: We want to win and go down in history

Vincenzo Montella, the coach of the National Football Team, which will face Wales in the last match of the EURO 2024 Qualifiers, said that they want to make history by winning the match.


Turkey will be the guest of Wales in the eighth and final week of the UEFA 2024 European Football Championship (EURO 2024) Qualifiers Group D.

Vincenzo Montella, the coach of the National Football Team, attended the press conference held at Cardiff City Stadium, where the match will be played, and stated that they were well prepared for the match, and said, “We came as leaders, we want to return as leaders. We will do everything we can. Our opponent is an opponent who plays very strongly at home, “We came prepared for this. We want to finish as leaders. When you look at our history, we have never been able to complete the group stage as leaders, we want to achieve this for the first time,” he said.

The Italian coach asked a Welsh journalist, “Do you think Croatia has a chance to draw with Armenia?” He answered the question, “Nothing is certain in football. Maybe they will lose points, but we need to focus on our own match. We came to do our own job and get our own result. We also drew with Armenia at home.”

“There may be a different strategy”

Vincenzo Montella, when asked whether he would give assignments to players who had less chance to play in the match, said: “We called 29 players to the squad, some of them went back due to injury and some due to different situations. All of the players called here can play in the first 11. Depending on the opponent, depending on the tactics, everyone can play.” “There may be a different strategy tomorrow.”

Montella was asked by a foreign press member, “Why did you choose to work in Turkey?” He answered the question as follows:

I worked here for two years, so when you look at it, I started to know the football players here. I had the chance to evaluate their stance and their performance on the field. I came to this national team because I believe in it, I know that they can do great things even though it is such a young team, and I wanted to be a national team coach because I believe in this.

“Kenan Yıldız is a football player with really great potential”

The 49-year-old coach said about Kenan Yıldız’s performance, “Kenan Yıldız is a football player with really great potential. From now on, he needs to get used to a different career and manage success. Everyone’s expectations will be high. He is a player that has excited and made me happy since the first day I called him.” “This performance is pleasing for us as well,” he said.

Montella said, “Wales needs to win. Will we prefer a calmer game?” “It should not be forgotten that the duration of the matches has now reached 100 minutes. I also watched the Croatia match, there was a timid Wales team. They won the match with that strategy. The time you need to calculate is the last 5 minutes, you need to work on different strategies before the match. You need to be prepared and win the match. “What we want tomorrow is to win the match,” he replied.

Boey and Gedson answered the question

“Do you have any thoughts of recruiting Sacha Boey and Gedson Fernandes to the national team?” Montella answered the question: “I have heard the news about Sacha Boey, but this is the first time I hear about Gedson Fernandes from you. If I am not mistaken, he needs to play for 5 years to gain Turkish status. We will welcome the football player whose heart beats with Turkey. I am also a foreigner, but my heart beats for Turkey.”

The Italian coach said, “We have now started calculating the EURO 2024 draw and the pots. It seems that there are better teams in the third pot. Have you ever thought that it would be better to lose this match and be in the 3rd pot?” On the question, he said:

I am not a person who likes to make calculations about things I cannot control, I do not waste my energy on things I cannot control. There is only one fact that I cannot control, we want to win. We want to win and go down in history.


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