Montenegro refuses to make the “freight” of commenting on what is happening in the PS

Montenegro refuses to make the “freight” of commenting on what is happening in the PS

The president of the PSD stated, this Monday, that he will not “enjoy” the PS of “commenting every day” on what is happening in the party.

“Honestly, I’m not going to indulge the Socialist Party in commenting every day on what is being said about the Socialist Party from one side to the other. I am focused on the future of the country, on the people, on what are the desires that Portuguese citizens, frustrated as they were by their vote in the last legislative elections, want to see resolved”, said Luís Montenegro, at the end of a meeting at the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs in Porto.

Regarding the prime minister’s statements, which accused the President of the Republic of lacking common sense to avoid a political crisis and call elections, the social democratic leader preferred to talk about what he considers the country to be lacking.

“The comment that deserves me is that Portugal must create more wealth, it must have more citizen-friendly taxation, there must be less suffocation in companies so that they can invest”, he highlighted.

“Honestly, today I am focused on being able to say that it is necessary to lower the IRS on the middle class, it is necessary to encourage productivity, exempting from contributions and taxes an income margin that has to do with performance bonuses and availability for additional work, it is It is important that young Portuguese people know that up to the age of 35 they will pay a third of the IRS than what they would normally pay, that they can project their lives with predictability on a scale of 10, 15, 20 years”, he added.


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