Moraes asks for ‘detailed’ information about death of 8 defendant

Moraes asks for ‘detailed’ information about death of 8 defendant

The minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes, asked for explanations about the death of Cleriston Pereira da Cunha, aged 46, inside the Papuda Penitentiary Complex, in Brasília (DF).

Cunha, who was in pre-trial detention for participating in the coup acts on January 8, suffered a sudden illness while sunbathing on Monday (20), according to the administration of the prison unit. Moraes asked the Management of the Provisional Detention Center II for detailed information about the death.

“In view of the news about the death of the defendant CLERISTON PEREIRA DA CUNHA (STF protocol no. 129.097/2023), REPORT, urgently, to the Management of the Provisional Detention Center II, requesting detailed information about the fact, including with a copy of the medical record and medical report of the care received by the inmate during custody”, wrote the minister in an order.

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According to judge Leila Cury, responsible for the Criminal Executions Court of the Federal District, Cleriston fell ill around 10 am. Immediately, Samu and the Fire Department were called, arriving 18 minutes later. The professionals even performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but were unsuccessful.

Cury informed, in a statement to the STF, that the prisoner received “regular medical care”, such as controlled medication for diabetes and hypertension, in addition to monitoring by a medical team.

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In April, during the oral argument upon receipt of the complaint against Cleriston, his lawyer, Bruno Azevedo de Souza, reported that the accused had multiple vessel vasculitis and myositis – inflammation in the muscles – resulting from Covid-19. “He has already suffered serious damage and major consequences due to Covid-19,” said the lawyer at the time.

Cleriston was arrested red-handed on January 9th. Later, the prison was converted into preventive on charges of armed criminal association, violent abolition of the democratic rule of law, coup d’état, qualified damage and deterioration of listed property.

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