More than 50 television cameras cover the Quds Day ceremony

More than 50 television cameras cover the Quds Day ceremony


to report Jam Jam online From SIMA information base, SIMA deputy with the efforts of SIMA production and technical center and the cooperation of national networks, covers the magnificent presence of people in the Quds Day procession with more than 50 television cameras and allocating 7 mobile units, 5 SNG car units and 5 OYOST .

The TV channels will show the saga of the presence of the Iranian people in Tehran and different parts of the country from 9:00 AM on Friday, April 17, in various frames.

The cameras of channels one, two, Qur’an, Afog, Omid, Mozada, Salamat and Tehran are located respectively at the University of Tehran, the intersection of Aburihan and Englebal, Valiasr (AJ) intersection, Elginal Square and the eastern side of the square, the western side of Elginal Square. Palestine Square and the intersection of the Revolution and Palestine depict the Quds Day procession. Also, coverage of the march in Shahryar, Varamin and Islamshahr cities is broadcasted on Tehran network.

Also, channel 1, based in the University of Tehran, covers Friday prayers and sermons, and the live program “Quds Hour” explaining the issues of Palestine and the resistance front with the presence of guests and experts, national heroes and hymn groups at 7:30 p.m. will be played.

Channels 3 and 4 broadcast the images of people attending the Quds Day procession in several frames.

“Nasim Ava” is a special Holy Day program of Nasim network, which covers the live coverage of people’s participation in the procession from 9 to 11.

Tehran Network’s Education Group airs the program “Lashgar Quds” special for the Quds Day march. This program will be watched from 9:00 a.m. until before the call to prayer for noon and evening, and the presenters and artists of the Tehran Network are going to present the special station of this network located on the intersection of Palestine in the Revolution Street on the route of the march, and the epic of the presence of the people will be live and direct. to depict Also, the extensive coverage of the march of the people of the cities of Tehran province is another part of the preparation of the Tehran Cima network on Quds Day.

In addition to preparing and broadcasting special programs and among various programs, the Quran and Ma’arif Sima network covers the passionate march of the people of Tehran in Valiasr intersection live and directly.

Also, the presenters of Quran and Ma’arif Sima channels will broadcast live images of the atmosphere of this magnificent march among the people of different walks of life.

The enthusiastic presence of the people will be covered live by Jam Jam Global Network and the reports sent by honorary journalists of the network will be broadcast.


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