Morena will take Monreal out of limbo to unblock negotiations with the opposition

Morena will take Monreal out of limbo to unblock negotiations with the opposition

CDMX.- Former Morena presidential candidate Ricardo Monreal will return to the political scene no later than the start of 2024 with the aim of unblocking negotiations with the opposition from the Senate, where he has a seat, Roberto Rock advances today.

According to information revealed by the journalist in his column “Heretic Portrait”, The Zacatecas politician will “regain prominence” after being removed from the limbo where he had been sent.

“Monreal Ávila, 63, will reappear to resume leadership of the Morena parliamentary faction in the so-called Upper House, according to sources familiar with the Zacatecas politician”says Rock.

The senator on leave has been out of the spotlight since last Septemberwhen he announced that he was giving up running for Morena’s candidacy for the Head of Government of Mexico City, despite the fact that he had already made his aspirations public.

Monreal was “uncovered” for head of government just one day after concluding the internal contest to select a presidential candidate in Morena, in which he came in penultimate place. However, days later he said in interviews that a decision had already been made within the party and it did not favor him.


Ricardo Monreal will return to the Senate with the task of unblocking various negotiations with opposition legislators, including various appointmentsreveals Roberto Rock.

During his stay in the Upper House, Monreal not only served as coordinator of the Morena parliamentary faction, but also as a key player in approving most of the reforms and initiatives of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.until the electoral reform and its subsequent initiative known as “Plan B”, when he distanced himself from the President.

However, the journalist recalls, currently the Senate has at least pending around twenty appointments of electoral magistrates in 17 states, three INAI commissionersin addition to “members of the federal court of administrative justice, the agrarian court, as well as diplomats.”


If the revelations of Ricardo Morenal’s return to the Senate are true, this occurs in the electoral context and a few months before the end of his term in the current legislature.where Morena has a majority along with its allies from the Green Party and Labor.

“His name (Monreal’s) is mentioned insistently to resume his seat and unblock negotiations with the opposition parties to release a hundred stuck appointments, some for more than a year. Among them, that of two magistrates in the federal electoral court, after the vacancies left by the controversial José Luis Vargas Valdés – nicknamed ‘banknote magistrate’ – and Indalfer Infante”details Rock.

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In addition to the appointments already mentioned, The Upper House will debate in the coming days the shortlist sent by the President to replace Minister Arturo Zaldívar in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN).

The deadline for the plenary session is December 15, the date on which the current regular session choose from among the three profiles sent by López Obrador, all women related to the President, or reject the shortlist.



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