Mother lost contact after going to work in a casino in the Philippines, worried about her whereabouts: Is my son still alive?

Mother lost contact after going to work in a casino in the Philippines, worried about her whereabouts: Is my son still alive?

(Petaling Jaya News on the 29th) A 27-year-old Chinese youth from Seremban went abroad to work in a casino in the Philippines 6 years ago. He remitted thousands of ringgit every month to support his mother. Unexpectedly, he suddenly lost contact with her 3 years ago. With her life or death uncertain, the mother has reported the case to the police and sought help from the Malaysian Humanitarian Organization (MHO).

Missing person Hu Kaiwen, where are you?

The 50-year-old mother Chen Jinhua today asked for help from the Chinese public relations officer of the Malaysian International Humanitarian Organization Koo Kin Fong and the Segambut District Acting Chairman of the PKR Zheng Chenglong. She said that she was worried about what might happen to her 27-year-old son Hu Kaiwen. She had been contacting her son’s supervisor and colleagues for several years, trying to Inquiries into his son’s whereabouts were fruitless until the casino supervisor terminated contact with his family at a later stage, leaving his son’s whereabouts a mystery.

She released photos of her son at a press conference and called on those with knowledge to provide information.

Send money to your home every month

Chen Jinhua pointed out that her son lost his father when he was 7 years old and grew up in a single-parent family. After graduating from a junior college in human resources management in 2018, he left his hometown to work in Kuala Lumpur for several months. In the same year, he went abroad to work in a casino in the Philippines and was responsible for arranging tourists to enter the casino for entertainment.

She revealed that her son initially remitted an average of 2,000 to 3,000 ringgit to his family every month. He returned to China to visit relatives in 2019, and then hurriedly left abroad to return to work.

■Although her son was suddenly disconnected, Chen Jinhua remained unchanged and often sent greeting messages to her son, hoping for a miracle that the other party would respond.

The mother, Chen Jinhua, felt even more distressed when her son lost contact for a long time and did not respond. Every greeting he said was like speaking to the air.

Son says he owes 100,000 in gambling debt

“My son once revealed that he owed about 100,000 ringgit in gambling debt in the Philippines and needed to stay and work to pay off the debt. However, our last contact was on April 15, 2022. At 9 pm that day, my son notified us through his Telegram account, saying that it was due to work. I can’t find time to keep in touch frequently.”

Chen Jinhua revealed that starting in May of that year, her son stopped contacting his family. His family doesn’t know what happened to him.

She said she was anxious to inquire about her son’s whereabouts, including asking her best friend who worked in a casino in the Philippines with her son, but she never got an answer.

As far as she knew, the casino implemented strict controls on its employees and frequently changed their mobile phone numbers, so no one could know the last mobile phone number used by her son.

She said that her son’s life and death are still uncertain, and it is still unknown whether he is still in the Philippines.

Xue Li received a secret call from her son asking for help, saying that he was resold from Myanmar to a fraud site in Cambodia by a human trafficking group and was tortured every day.

Man who went to Bangkok to apply for a high-paying job was abducted at gunpoint and turned into a piglet

Another woman from Johor also asked MHO for help at the press conference, hoping to rescue her 29-year-old son “Afa” who is currently trapped in a Cambodian fraud ring.

The mother, who calls herself the foreign name “Sydney”, said that her son flew to Bangkok Airport in May 2022, preparing to work as a high-paying computer technology operator. As a result, he was kidnapped by two mysterious Thai men at gunpoint while picking up the plane. car.

“After my son had an accident that year, his cell phone was confiscated and he was unable to contact his family for help. He lost contact with him for 2 years.”

She pointed out that on February 15 this year, her son secretly used his mobile phone to contact her for help and sent him his location. He claimed that he was held hostage at gunpoint from Bangkok and was unable to resist. After an 8-hour drive, he was taken to Myanmar and became a member of a fraud group.

I haven’t brushed my teeth or showered for a whole year.

Now the human trafficking group sold him to another fraud group park in Cambodia. Surrounded by all Chinese members, the living environment is poor. I haven’t brushed my teeth or showered for a whole year. The bed is dirty and has not been cleaned or replaced for a whole year.

Xue Li said that her son complained on the phone about being abused and begged his mother to find someone to rescue him. She said her son tipped off the information and asked for help, but was almost discovered by the human trafficking group.

In response to these two cases, Gu Jianfang said that the organization will follow up with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the police to plan rescue operations and find the whereabouts of the missing persons, and called on anyone with information to call 014-994 6697 to provide information.


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