‘MP Rangsiman’ announces his stance on the royal procession. Everyone has the right to express themselves. But you shouldn’t use violence.

‘MP Rangsiman’ announces his stance on the royal procession.  Everyone has the right to express themselves.  But you shouldn’t use violence.

“Rangsiman Rome” denies being far behind the Thaluwang group after the incident of “Tawan” driving behind the wheel and honking his horn at the royal procession. Recommended to stop creating a society of fear. Said that he agreed to use the council’s forum to find a solution.

February 12, 2024 – At 2:30 p.m. at Parliament, Mr. Rangsiman Rome, list MP for the Progressive Party, spoke about the case where it was said that the Party had advanced. is behind the scenes The Thaluwang group that honked their horns at the royal procession said that the idea that various groups had political parties behind them It’s not new, it’s happened many times. which does not help solve social problems Including problems that are currently occurring Many times the Progressive Party has been accused in this way. What is the evidence that we are behind it? And during the past period when we were in the midst of a political crisis. In the past, many of us may have bailed. Maybe go be a bail bondsman. But doing it in that way must be separated from what he drives. The reason why we act as a bail bondsman is that it can be done according to law. Including giving him the right to fight the case. This does not mean that the person who went to bail would agree with the action. Otherwise, bail is full of various matters. Equal to the person who goes for bail must agree or disagree. If you think like this all the time It is considered a wrong idea.

Mr. Rangsiman said that there is a reason for linking various groups with the Kao Klai Party, which is that they may be people who do not agree with the movements of the Talu Wang group. and wants to create legitimacy or discredit the Talu Wang group and wants to destroy the Progressive Party as well Which shouldn’t be looked at like that.

“I assure you that we are not behind anyone and that no one will be behind us. A progressive party is a progressive party. that acts with a standpoint on human rights We believe in the potential for self-expression. As for when he expressed himself Will there be people who agree or disagree? It is everyone’s right to express their opinion. But the standpoint of the Progressive Party is that we do not agree with violence. To express that is to create a society of fear. We have had a lesson. and has not improved Thai society in the slightest,” Mr. Rangsiman said.

Mr. Rangsiman further said that the actions of Ms. Thantawan Tua Tulanon or Tawan of the Talu Wang group have already created criticism. It is difficult to conclude which direction society will ultimately see. It must be frankly admitted that there is society that does not agree with Ms. Thantawan’s actions. Express yourself and maybe someone will agree. Which is definitely in the matter of protecting important people. Having to take all the measures leads to criticism. But the main position that the Kaew Klai Party has expressed is that it does not agree with violence. The part that was aimed at Mr. Pitha Limcharoenrat List of MPs and the chairman of the advisory board to the leader of the Forward Party and the Forward Party It’s not the first time it’s happened.

“What we are trying to do is keep everyone conscious. When we go to be an insurance agent or having been an insurance agent in the past Does that mean we’re behind it? Do you really believe that? Finally, people who express politics in all forms He is himself. He has his standpoint. Whether we agree or not must be made on a case-by-case basis. which is the end He has the right to fight the case in court. Finally, the legal mechanism It must be said as it should be. which must also be in proportion as it should be Our society lives like that. Don’t create a society of fear. Don’t let us create new demons. Create a new ghost The October incident has already created a lesson for us. Don’t repeat it again. It is not protected,” Mr. Rangsiman said.

Mr. Rangsiman continued that we should use the council’s platform. Use political space to solve problems and find solutions. and understand that Mr. Akradet Wongpitakroj, Ratchaburi MP and spokesman for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. Trying to talk about this which he considered to be an interesting matter that the council Will consider talking to find a solution. And allowing them to talk in the streets if it leads to the creation of dangerous areas is not worth it. One way that they think is a solution is an amnesty law.

When asked if there were many parties who thought that matters regarding people prosecuted under Section 112 should be removed from the draft Amnesty Act, Mr. Rangsiman said that we had campaigned for it. When we are elected, we try to do our best. We do not have a policy to amend Section 112 only. The Senate may have an idea that we should not do that. But from our standpoint, we have to return to the basics of what the nation’s problems are today. We must accept that someone has been prosecuted for Section 112. What is the solution?

“What options do we have? Put them in jail, release them, give them amnesty or something? If we take it to the extreme, it means putting us in jail. We must ask how it helps the country to be better. In the end, these people had relatives and he felt unfairly treated. These ideas don’t just occur among students or the new generation. Friendly countries that he looked up to Thailand were uncomfortable with the violent prosecution. And it doesn’t just affect rights and freedoms.

Questions are asked in the business sector. Is there any certainty that if this kind of litigation is brought about, it will happen in other cases? These are all certainties that can affect a country. If we pose the problem that there is a problem, we should start opening the door wide. If we say that the amnesty does not include Section 112, if we start from here Will it really solve political problems? It’s no use if you can’t solve the problem. Amnesty is useless,” said Rangsiman.

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