MPs move forward, create white-washing discourse ‘Tawan Thaluwang’

MPs move forward, create white-washing discourse ‘Tawan Thaluwang’

12 Feb. 2024 – Ms. Chonthicha Chaengrua or Lukkade, MP for Pathum Thani, Kao Klai Party, leader of the group calling itself the People’s Group. And the accused in Case 112 posted a message on Facebook “Lookkate Chonthicha – Lookkate Chonthicha, inform quickly” stating that from the case of the expression of #Tawan and the #Taluwang group regarding the royal procession. This was followed by later incidents of violence against activists and the media from a group calling itself the Institutional Defenders.

Not long after the #RoyalProcession incident occurred, it appeared that the Prime Minister, politicians, and MPs from various parties He immediately came out to express his opinion in the form of criticism, warning, and expressing his disagreement with the people’s expression.

In a society where political conflicts are deeply rooted

In a society where freedom of expression is threatened to shrink every day.

In a society where people are repeatedly oppressed until the power to negotiate with the state is limited

The duty of the people’s representatives is to create a balance of power between the people and the state through checks and balances.

The duty of the people’s representatives is to create a safe space for all parties to exchange. Express opinions, debate, and criticize each other in a peaceful manner.

The duty of the people’s representatives is to resist, condemn, and participate in ending all forms of violence to threaten activists, citizens, and all those expressing their opinions.

Duties of representatives It is not a judgment, a hasty conclusion, or a right or wrong decision. How are people’s methods of activism and expression of public issues being immature, inappropriate, and unsatisfactory?

Moreover, To express opinions about which actions may violate any law? Must first be able to prove that the action may violate which law and how it violates the principles of the law.

otherwise Expressing those opinions It will only be to extinguish the candle and make the atmosphere of fear in the expression of the people’s thoughts even darker. Moreover, it also creates an opportunity and creates legitimacy for the state to use the law as a legal form of war to continually threaten the people.

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