”Mr. Cinema” Türker İnanoğlu is sent off on his final journey

”Mr. Cinema” Türker İnanoğlu is sent off on his final journey


In addition to family members, State Theaters General Director Tamer Karadağlı, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Cinema General Director Birol Güven, actors Sumru Yavrucuk, Zafer Ergin, Kerem Alışık, Şevket Çoruh, Müjdat Gezen, businessman Ali Koç and veteran names of the cinema attended the ceremony.

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy stated that he met İnanoğlu closely within the scope of the restoration and revival works of Atlas 1948 Cinema and Istanbul Cinema Museum and said, “At that time, Türker Abi was the tenant and operator of our Ministry in Atlas Cinema. His contract was also “I visited him and informed him about the project. I asked for his opinions and suggestions. I said to him, ‘Brother, your contract is still ongoing, but we have such a project. If you have your permission, we would like to implement this project.’ I said, without hesitation, ‘Start as soon as possible. I will provide all the support I can.’ he said. That day I realized that when it came to the big screen, culture and art, there was no ‘No’ in Türker Abi. ‘How can I do it, how can I support it?’ “There was a person I always admired.” said.

Stating that they met with İnanoğlu at the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) approximately 3 months ago, Ersoy said:

“From time to time, when his health allowed, I wanted him to come together and get his views on culture and art and projects and offer ideas. He was a very valuable, very useful person. Yeşilçam works, movie theaters, video, television, professional associations, education, museums, Türker He managed to fit many important projects, such as the İnanoğlu Foundation (TÜRVAK), into his 88-year life. He was a true lover of the big screen. I believe that Türker İnanoğlu should first be understood well and then taken as an example. He had suffered great difficulties on his path as a cinema worker, and he never experienced these difficulties. “He did not forget and knew how to take responsibility at every opportunity to support the workers who came after him.”

Minister Ersoy pointed out that İnanoğlu valued young people very much and said, “He always stood behind young people so that they could dream. He gave scholarships. He initiated many innovations in the name of cinema, including professional associations, associations, works and studios. We believe that the community will never forget him.” “We know. We also talked at the Ministry this morning; as of June, we decided to open the Türker İnanoğlu exhibition at the Istanbul Cinema Museum, for which he made a great effort.” he said.

Underlining that a person’s greatest work is the people he raised, Ersoy said, “Türker Abi was the greatest master of this fine art. May he rest in peace, master.” he said.


Türker İnanoğlu’s son, İlker İnanoğlu, noted that his father was a very perfectionist man who examined everything in detail, and said that he took him to the USA to see a doctor for health reasons.

Emphasizing that his father tried to press the button on the elevator he rode while he was receiving treatment, İnanoğlu said, “He was a person who wanted to do everything himself. He was a very harsh father. I was like a child in front of him. I thought the pressure would be lifted when he passed away, but it was very difficult. A part of me was torn away.” “I feel like this right now. I didn’t expect I would be this sad. Dad, I love you so much. May you rest in peace.” said.


Drawing attention to the importance his father attaches to his work, his daughter Zeynep İnanoğlu Özdemir said, “My father would not entrust the matters he cared about to anyone. Since he cared about today very much, he planned his last farewell with great care. He thought that in case of his death I would be abroad. So, from catching the plane from there to here, he planned his last farewell with great care. “We went over everything, including the funeral details, several times. All these preparations do not reduce the pain one bit. He was always aware of the details. He was hard-working, disciplined and very proud. Although he did not show his emotions, he was extremely emotional. He was incredibly devoted to his job, his profession and his colleagues.” made his assessment.

Artist Hülya Koçyiğit said that Türker İnanoğlu made very valuable contributions to Turkish cinema and that he worked hard to ensure that the working order of the actors was put on track.

Underlining that İnanoğlu is a cinema lover, Koçyiğit said, “There is nothing he hasn’t done for cinema. He is the patron of all of us and I have great respect for his efforts. I’m glad you had him, Türker. I think an era has ended with him. We will always remember him with respect and love. He has such beautiful works behind him.” “He left…” he said.

Cem Yılmaz stated that he first met Türker İnanoğlu in the mid-1990s, that he performed more than a thousand times since 2003, and that he came backstage at every show İnanoğlu came to watch and said, “Among all of you, I love you the most.” he said.

Stating that he believed in İnanoğlu’s words, Yılmaz continued as follows:

“I thought he loved me the most. Then, according to what I heard from my other colleagues and elders, he loved many people. Many people loved him deeply. Backstage, he came to the artist who was going to take the stage in a way that was not expected from anyone in his career and position and asked, ‘Do you need anything?’ It was very striking that he personally asked me, ‘Do you need anything?’ If this question were asked now, it would be: ‘Yes, we have a need, I wish there was another Türker İnanoğlu.’ “I would say. I thank him for everything.”


İnanoğlu’s son-in-law, Cüneyt Özdemir, also emphasized İnanoğlu’s meticulousness and said, “He was an artist and a perfectionist. Throughout his life, he took his cameras to Turkey in general, sometimes to the show world, sometimes to the art world, and sometimes to the world of art, which he named after. “He turned it into places where many shows were staged, such as TİM Show Center. He would control all the lights.” he said.

Stating that İnanoğlu organized his own funeral before his death, Özdemir underlined that I prepared a documentary about him with his obituaries.

Özdemir added that İnanoğlu is passionate about his job and gave the following information:

“He couldn’t walk for the last one or two years, but he went to the office 3-4 times every week. He loved his job until his last breath. There are stories he didn’t tell in the documentary. Going to Iran with Cüneyt Arkın or making western movies in Italy. Just to watch movies.” “There are many stories he doesn’t tell, like going to Beirut or going to Germany to bring back videos.”

Cüneyt Özdemir pointed out that İnanır was also a man of firsts and said, “He tried many untested formats in Yeşilçam, brought the video cassette to Turkey, produced a program such as ‘İcraatın İçden’, and also stated that TV series could be broadcast on YouTube (Erler Film). “) was perhaps the first person to pave the way. He was passionately devoted to his family. He lived a good life. He traveled as much as he worked. He left us with pleasant memories.” said.


İnanoğlu’s childhood friend from Safranbolu, Yılmaz Kavuşucu, also said:

“İnanoğlu was so fond of Safranbolu that it is impossible to describe it. The people of Safranbolu are in great sadness today, just as much as my dear brother caused the art world a great sadness. He loved Safranbolu very much. He used to call me every month. He loved Safranbolu. “He never forgot. Finally, he established a communication faculty worthy of his name and provided services to education.”

Actor Ali Sunal stated that he met Türker İnanoğlu when he was a little child and that he had very good memories, and said, “He and my father had very sweet friendships. Their friendship is wonderful… They talk about a business, it doesn’t work out, but then I see that their sweet conversations continue. Their friendship never broke down.” .” he said.

Safranbolu Mayor Elif Köse, Karabük University Türker İnanoğlu Faculty of Communication Dean Fatih Bayram and journalist Zafer Mutlu also spoke at the ceremony, where the documentary prepared by Türker İnanoğlu about himself before his death was also shown.

İnanoğlu will be buried in the family cemetery in Kanlıca after the funeral prayer to be performed at Levent Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Mosque following the noon prayer today.


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