MSU joins the network in releasing an open letter statement. Urge Prime Minister Settha to push to reconsider extending pub opening hours

MSU joins the network in releasing an open letter statement.  Urge Prime Minister Settha to push to reconsider extending pub opening hours

Bangkok – Thai Health Promotion Foundation joins with Thai Health Promotion Foundation to organize a forum to brainstorm opinions. “Problems from the policy to extend liquor sales hours after the Settha government opened pubs. Entertainment bars until 4 a.m. Claiming to stimulate the economy Has issued a statement opening an open letter urging the Prime Minister to reconsider extending the opening hours of entertainment venues until 4 a.m. Point out to be careful of tsunamis or big storms in Thailand.

On February 12, 2024 at the Pathumwan Room, Asia Ratchathewi School, Bangkok, the Media Foundation for Health (MSS) together with the Media Network for Driving Health for a Sustainable Thai Society (Thai Health Promotion Foundation) organized a forum to brainstorm opinions. Regarding “Problems from the policy to extend liquor sales hours” after the “Seththa government” extended the opening hours of pubs, bars, and entertainment venues until 4 a.m. in a pilot area of ​​5 provinces: Bangkok, Phuket, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province. Starting from December 15, 2023, the economic goal is to stimulate tourism and help entrepreneurs. The discussion was attended by speakers including Mr. Chuwit Chantaros, Coordinator of the Alcohol Prevention Campaign Network. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Udomsak Saengow, Director of the Institute for the Promotion of Research and Innovation towards Excellence Walailak University, Mr. Theera Watcharapranee, Advisor to the Alliance for Preventing and Reducing the Effects of Alcoholic Beverages (PPK), with Mr. Sakda Sae-iao, Chairman of the Media Network for Driving Health for a Sustainable Thai Society (SSSS. .) or “Zia Thairath” a famous cartoonist. is the program operator

Before entering the discussion, a news clip was shown of the loss of “Nong Two”, Mr. Weerayut Jindaeng, or “Volunteer Boy” supporting the rescue of the Por Teck Tung Foundation, 13 years old, who had to end his life. While helping with rescue work because a drunk driver then stood to mourn the passing of “Nong Two” for 1 minute.
In the discussion group, Mr. Apiwat Ketthat, President of the Media Foundation for Health (MSS), spoke about the objective of this meeting as follows:…the policy to extend time for service establishments. It is considered a matter MSU is concerned about the impact that this will have. Especially the effects that occur until there are injuries and deaths from accidents. or arguments caused by drinking alcohol Including the performance of duties by police officers and various rescue volunteers. To have more and more It is necessary that all parties Especially the main media must help reflect the problem. along with making suggestions and finding solutions in this matter

Mr. Chuwit Chantaros, coordinator of the Alcohol Prevention Campaign Network, said that victims affected by the “drunk driving” problem are mostly pressured by the perpetrators. However, if the perpetrators are influential people, Has the power of money and is connected to the power of the state. Those victims will be even more pressured. In the case of “Nong Tu” it was found that the perpetrator paid little compensation to the family of “Nong Tu” and during the Abhidhamma prayer ceremony. The body of the perpetrator was not revealed at all. In the past, there were only ex-wives who broke up with each other. And you only come to listen to the Abhidhamma recitation.

From the fact that “victims” have to face government policies like this. So it is no different from being aggravated. It seems to increase the pressure on the “victims” even more. This is a very heartbreaking matter. I personally believe that The issue of attempts to push for the liberalization of liquor is not new. And there has always been an effort. Especially by giving the children a set of such concepts. The youth came out to move and make demands on various issues, even extending their results to proposing amendments to the law on liberalization of alcohol. However, in the past, opposition groups were still able to resist. However, there were attempts to reach out to shake hands between Alcohol beverage business group and entrepreneurs Even though there are not many But it was a noisy group.

which a new round of effort This group of people began to work. It adapts and operates like every opposition. with a foreign liquor business group behind it It is considered a difficult task for the opposition. This is because they have created networks and continuous movements linked together in a systematic way. Try to create a story that “Alcohol can be sold” without causing any impact. And when there is a new government Trying to approach “Number 1”, which is Prime Minister Settha Thavisin, who has an economic perspective as his main focus. When “Number 1” buys, the other numbers must move accordingly. This is considered a success for this group of people.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Udomsak Saengow, Director of the Institute for the Promotion of Research and Innovation towards Excellence Walailak University said that from research abroad Find lessons learned whether in Australia, Norway or Holland. that often have similar problems, that is, from extending the hours for selling alcohol by just 1 hour, it was found that problems followed. Whether it’s a quarrel or an accident. with an increase of 15-30%. In Thailand, if the opening hours of service establishments are extended to 4 a.m., it is believed that there will be a subsequent impact on people living their normal lives the next morning. Because statistical data found that It usually occurs 3 hours later after stopping drinking, which poses a risk to people traveling to work, children going to school, and vendors doing business.

“Currently, the sale of alcohol is prohibited between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. because if alcohol is allowed to be sold and drunk during that time, It may affect people’s way of life, which is no different than in the morning. However, there are efforts to cancel the ban on selling alcohol during this period,” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Udomsak stated.
Meanwhile, Mr. Teera Watcharapranee, Advisor to the Alliance for Prevention and Reduction of Impacts of Alcoholic Beverages (P.P.C.), spoke about the amendments. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Act of 2008 between the campaign side and the Free Liquor side said that since the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act was enacted 16 years ago, it was found that accident statistics from 2008 to 2022 related to alcohol During the New Year festival, it decreased by 12.2%. During the Songkran festival, it decreased by 9.5%, which is considered a control measure. that has proven to be really effective in reducing problems from drinking alcohol

“On March 9, the draft will be presented. Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Between the side that wants liquor to be freely opened and our side that wants to campaign against free production and distribution. Entering the consideration of the House of Representatives, Agenda 1, which we admit is troubling if MPs in the House of Representatives choose to accept the draft law of the party that wants to liberalize. This will be considered a very serious problem.

However, we still have hope that MPs will see disaster if they allow the production and sale of liquor freely. Even many countries in Europe do not allow selling freely like some parties would like to do. For example, Norway prohibits selling on Sundays. It is equivalent to having to stop selling alcoholic beverages for 52 days in one year, while in our country sales are prohibited only on important religious days (5 days in 1 year) only. If liberal laws are passed and enforced, In addition to being able to buy alcohol almost 24 hours a day, he also wants the ban on sales to be lifted on Big Buddha Day. Including efforts to sell through the online system. Our intention is to improve Alcoholic Beverage Control Act 2008 to be revised to suit current social conditions. Not too extreme and is not conducive to large capitalists We hope that the government will understand our intentions,” Mr. Teera emphasized.

Mr. Wichet Phichairat, senior media person Concluding this discussion, he said that there are many matters in this forum that will be questions that will be forwarded to the government. Especially the information and opinions of all speakers. Whether it is the sentence “Go ahead and think, Pheu Thai does” by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Udomsak or “The big storm” by Mr. Jira Hongsamreng, a senior media person. As for the role of Thai Health Promotion Foundation, from the side discussion circle This is considered an important problem not only for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation but also for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, which must find a way to deal with these phenomena. By supporting the movement of the main mass media group in presenting news, information and facts on these issues. Including the organization of specific related activities, which the Thai Health Promotion Foundation may be able to help supplement in this area.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sakda Sae-iao, Chairman of the Media Network for Driving Health for a Sustainable Thai Society (Thai Health Promotion Foundation), thanked the speakers who participated in the discussion and friends of the media. Along with asking for cooperation with the main media groups to help follow and present these news, at the same time submitting an open letter to Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and the Cabinet. in order to review the measures Policies and laws regarding alcohol (Read more news… “Thai Health Promotion Foundation” decides to release the seal. Call on Prime Minister Settha Review of service establishments being open until 4 a.m.)

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