Multi-format studio. How the World Youth Festival will be covered | Media | Society

Multi-format studio.  How the World Youth Festival will be covered |  Media |  Society

From March 1 to 6, GPM Radio (part of Gazprom-Media Holding) will organize the work of a multi-format studio on the federal territory of Sirius, where bright and talented young people from all over the planet will gather these days – the World Youth Festival will unite 20 thousand participants from more than 180 countries of the world.

“This is not the first time we have launched a live broadcast from the most significant events for the country in order to convey to the audience the details and atmosphere of what is happening. At first these were on-site studios for radio stations, then they were transformed into a multi-format platform. Last year, at the Mosurbanforum, five of our radio stations went on the air from the studio in Luzhniki. This time, local radio will be added to federal broadcasting on the “here and now” principle especially for guests of the event. The multi-format studio will become not only a source of timely and important information about the festival for listeners throughout Russia, but also a connecting link for its participants,” says General Director of Gazprom-Media Radio Vadim Tereshchuk.

The studio, which will open on Medalnaya Square – in the heart of the Olympic Park, will be visited by bright stars from the world of politics, sports, and the show industry. The topics of discussion will be the main events of WFM 2024. In the mornings on the federal airwaves, the popular JOYSTICKS of ENERGY radio will charge listeners with the energy of the youth forum, and the evening segment will be occupied by the famous Avtoradio show “Murzilki Live” with its celebrity guests and live concerts.

Photo: press service of GPM radio

During the day, a local World Youth Radio will be launched in the multi-format studio, which can be heard in public and residential areas of Sirius. Participants will be introduced to the latest news Roman Mironov, Bogdan Kantemirov, Sasha Maslakova And Olesya Soboleva. In addition, the team recorded announcements for the VFM International Airport festival space. The branded voice will notify you about the site’s events, including flash mobs, exhibitions and much more.

During the festival, Sirius will turn into a unique place – the City of Youth of the World, where Russian and foreign young leaders in the fields of business, media, international cooperation, culture, science, education, sports, volunteering and charity will meet. People from different continents, nationalities and cultures will come together to think about how to make the future more equitable. As part of WFM 2024, dozens of master classes, discussions and talk shows with eminent speakers will be held, as well as spectacular sporting events and concerts. The work of the multi-format studio will help listeners find out all the details and feel the atmosphere of the youth forum.


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