Murder in Knowledge. A Ukrainian refugee with two children was strangled in Poland | Incidents

Murder in Knowledge.  A Ukrainian refugee with two children was strangled in Poland |  Incidents

A new terrible tragedy with Ukrainian refugees in Poland. A native of Ukraine strangled his wife and two young daughters. During interrogation, the father of the family stated that he wanted to “get rid of problems.”

“Tired of problems”

The Polish media reported on November 20 that the bodies of a 29-year-old young woman and two young children, 4.5 and 1.5 years old, were found in the village of Puszczykowo, Greater Poland Voivodeship (near Poznan). All three had signs of strangulation. All of them were citizens of Ukraine. They were killed on November 18th.

Hot on the heels of the incident, the Polish police detained the 42nd husband of the murdered woman, also from Ukraine. He did not deny guilt. During interrogation, he stated that he “wanted to get rid of problems” because his wife was upset with him due to alcoholism, debt and lack of work. The prosecutor’s office asked the court to arrest the killer for three months.

As Polish media found out with reference to a representative of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznan Łukasz Wawrzyniak, the family had lived in Poland since 2019 and were considered prosperous. The man was engaged in business, the family lived in a private house.

Hot on the heels of the incident, the Polish police detained the 42nd husband of the murdered woman, also from Ukraine. Photo: social network

Hunting for Ukrainians

This is by no means the first tragedy involving Ukrainian refugees in Europe. A wave of murders, kidnappings or cases of ill-treatment swept across the EU and neighboring countries after Ukrainian women began moving to Europe amid the conflict in Ukraine.

Thus, on July 10, it became known about the brutal murder of a 30-year-old Ukrainian woman in Bergen. The woman was severely beaten by her partner, originally from Azerbaijan. Together they lived in a hotel in the city center designed to accommodate Ukrainians. The girl was taken to the hospital, but she died there.

Another tragedy occurred in Legnica, Poland. There, three Ukrainian women were attacked by a man with a knife. A 37-year-old woman and her 14-year-old daughter were killed, and another woman was injured. And in Berlin, in a refugee camp, a Georgian man stabbed his Ukrainian wife to death; the reason was her refusal to share her state property with him.

The number of sexual crimes has increased sharply. In Europe, after February 24, 2022, interest in pornographic materials involving Ukrainian refugees has sharply increased, according to research from Thomson Reuters. The number of such requests on average jumped by as much as 300%. The researchers emphasized that Ukrainian women who have gone abroad face an increased risk of becoming victims of both sex trafficking organizers in European countries and online pornography producers.

Spiegel wrote about the existence of a large number of criminal networks operating in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine. They lure Ukrainian refugees under the pretext of high-paying jobs in Europe. Women are promised a modeling career, living in prestigious areas, and meeting the powers that be. And when they arrive, their documents are taken away and they are forced into prostitution.

In other cases, girls are kidnapped for these purposes. “Our volunteer witnessed a man trying to convince the grandmother of a 16-year-old girl to give her to him. He didn’t even have enough seats in the car, but he convinced her that the girl was safe and would be able to work in Berlin. Our employee prevented this, the man disappeared,” said the head of the German branch of the human rights organization International Justice Mission, Dietmar Roller.

As the human rights activist said, criminals are specially on duty in cities on the border with Ukraine, where there is a very large traffic of refugees. It is easier to make contacts with women there by offering them “employment” in Berlin, London or Madrid.

The situation has recently deteriorated so much that it is reminiscent of the conflict in Yugoslavia, when thousands of women from the Balkans also ended up in the networks of criminal syndicates. Many women ended up in brothels throughout Europe.

The EU knows that the problem is only getting worse. But they are in no hurry to do anything about it. On the contrary, they pass over this ugly side of the Ukrainian conflict in silence, which makes the situation of many refugees in trouble even more desperate.


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