Music of dignity. Top 10 songs dedicated to the Euromaidan events. | Oboz show

Music of dignity.  Top 10 songs dedicated to the Euromaidan events.  |  Oboz show

On November 21, the Day of Dignity and Freedom, Ukraine honors the memory of the fallen Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and those who protested on the Independence Square. The feat of the Ukrainian people is forever imprinted in the history of the state and in the hearts of its citizens.

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The events of Euromaidan found their echo not only in the social and political life of the nation, but also in art. In particular, Ukrainian performers spoke in the voices of indifferent Ukrainians and dedicated more than one song to the events of November 2013. OBOZ.UA offers to recall 10 of them.

The Ukrainian group KOZAK SYSTEM recorded the song together with popular performers and public figures. The song “Brother for Brother” was dedicated to the Euromaidan events and was created directly during that period.

Singer Jamala, Andrey Khlyvniuk from the Boombox group and Dmitry Shurov, better known as Pianoboy, released the song “Zlyva” on the first anniversary of Euromaidan. The text and touching melody still touch Ukrainian hearts.

The group “Vpersche Chuyu” recorded two songs dedicated to the events on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in early December 2013. Both clips depict footage from the scene of the events, in particular, the moment of the beating of students by Berkut.

The well-known Ukrainian group always openly sang about events in society. Many songs of “Ocean Elsa” are relevant even now.

In 2021, in honor of the Day of Dignity and Freedom, “Without Limits” presented the composition “Free People”, dedicated to outstanding personalities of the Ukrainian people. The video series also depicts key events in the nation’s history.

The Russian-language composition of the Ukrainian rap artist Yarmak called “22”, which symbolized the years of independence of Ukraine as of 2013, became the real Euromaidan anthem. Last year, the artist translated his track into Ukrainian, giving it a new meaning.

The song of the rapper from Lviv, Artisto, became a peculiar reinterpretation of the National Anthem of Ukraine. Simple words clearly conveyed the main desires of the people.

The authorship of the song was hidden for a long time, until the singer admitted that it was she who performed this composition. The clip shows footage of the Euromaidan, and the main character is a little girl with a ribbon in the colors of the flag, standing by a burning tank and singing the lines of the song.

Now it would be called a real diss on the then president. Journalist Michael Shchur walks among the protesters, addressing Yanukovych.

The “Tartak” group also honored the memory of Ukrainian patriots. In the music video for the song “Furious Winter”, the musicians play against the background of footage shot during the Euromaidan.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA talked about how Russian songs dropped out of the top 20 most popular on Ukrainian YouTube for the first time in a long time. What compositions made it to the list – read in our material.

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