“My Country” application meets the needs of residents of Saudi cities with more advanced features

“My Country” application meets the needs of residents of Saudi cities with more advanced features


The Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing launched the new version of the “Baladi” application, which provides an advanced digital experience that combines municipal services for commercial activities and daily services needed by city residents, in order to improve the experience of beneficiaries and enhance the quality of life in Saudi cities.

The “Baladi” application, with its new updates, reflects the Ministry’s directions and continuous efforts to enhance digital transformation processes and smart cities and activate innovation in the provision of municipal services, to raise the quality of life in the Kingdom’s cities and achieve the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 in creating an advanced and sustainable urban society.

“Baladi” is an integrated digital platform that includes all services related to commercial activities or daily life and its various activities. It also provides daily updates on developments in neighborhoods, roads, and other various services available in the application through an easy and accessible user interface.

For the first time, the application launched – on an experimental basis – an interactive map for city residents to help them find the best roads and paths. “Baladi” also provides a set of qualitative services such as traffic and municipal updates and alerts, road works and events, in addition to services that meet the daily needs of residents.

The “Baladi” application allows city residents to participate in the process of improving and developing public places, by expressing their views on developing the urban landscape and facilitating access to municipal services. The application also continues to facilitate user transactions at the commercial level, including issuing licenses and requesting municipal services with complete ease and ease.

You can download the Baladi application and benefit from its various services to obtain an integrated and easy urban experience within Saudi cities, by visiting the link: http://bit.ly/3pnANFk.


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