Nabil Fahmy: Israel wants to implement the prisoner exchange deal in stages to increase the duration of its control over Gaza

Nabil Fahmy: Israel wants to implement the prisoner exchange deal in stages to increase the duration of its control over Gaza

Hadeel Hilal

Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 8:59 PM | Last updated: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 8:59 PM

Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, former Foreign Minister, stressed the importance of setting a time frame for a two-state solution after reaching a ceasefire agreement in Gaza and the exchange of prisoners and detainees.

He said during an interview with Al-Arabiya satellite channel, on Tuesday evening, that the ministerial committee assigned by the Arab-Islamic Summit must emphasize the desire to achieve comprehensive peace, during its visits to the capitals of the permanent members of the Security Council.

He noted that “comprehensive peace does not mean postponing the Palestinian issue, but rather agreeing on a two-state solution,” adding: “It is not enough to hear from America a saying that it supports the two-state solution. We want steps that will make the Palestinian side feel there is hope.”

He pointed out that “the desire for revenge continues if there is no hope for exercising the legitimate national right,” noting that the Israeli aggression against Gaza resulted in the martyrdom of more than 13,000 citizens and the injury of more than 33,000 others.

He stated that “the occupying state has not responded to the Arab Peace Initiative since 2002,” saying that it “does not want peace, and is the unjust party in all of this process.”

He added: “Every time the Arab negotiator and the international community take a step and leave the final solution for the future… circumstances have changed and Israel has become more right-wing than before, and what I propose is to take concrete and realistic practical steps that come together under a political cover linked to ending the occupation.”

He denounced US President Joe Biden’s attendance at the Israeli War Council meeting days before the start of ground operations in Gaza, noting that his rejection of a ceasefire over a period of 5 weeks was “unacceptable.”

He pointed out that the current situation does not require a humanitarian ceasefire, but rather requires a complete ceasefire, which does not allow the establishment of a fait accompli of the occupation of Gaza and its security control.

He stressed that “Israel is interested in the prisoner and detainee deal,” warning at the same time that it “wants to implement it in stages.” To extend the period during which it will control military operations.”


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