Naia disappears at the Tenerife airport: they lose the cat before putting her in the warehouse

Naia disappears at the Tenerife airport: they lose the cat before putting her in the warehouse


Last Sunday, March 31, Rocio Bienert was preparing to return to Madrid with her brother from the Tenerife airport. Also with them were his brother’s two cats, Naia and Gofio, who were saying goodbye to the island to start a new life in the capital with their owner. In the middle of a day full of excitement, Naia lost her sight just before taking off.

According to Rocio’s complaint on her the Iberia airline the alleged person responsible for the loss of the cat.

Rocio has told CANARIAS7 how at the airport had no problems when carrying cats in the carrier. It stands out that Naia was calm both in the car on the way to the terminal and when passing through the controls to enter the warehouse.

Chaos began on the plane. According to the young woman, a company worker alerted them “pretty nervous” that the container did not meet the requirements to include Naia in the hold. Although several proposals were proposed to solve the problem, one of them was for the cat to fly with them in the cabin, a superior boarded the plane to deny them this alternative and, moments later, they were alerted that the cat had escaped from the carrier.

Rocio says that she got off the plane and spent “two and a half hours walking around the patio.” The patio is the takeoff and landing runwaywhere the roar of airplane engines turned the search into a mission Impossible: “I called the cat because she always comes when you call her, but there she sure wasn’t able to hear me anywhere.”

«Two people claimed to see the cat running through the control tower. We went there and it wasn’t there. To my surprise, what I saw was the carrier of the other cat, Gofio, in the airport patio after having also paid 150 euros for his transfer. After two and a half hours of searching without result, Gofio was able to fly with me in the cabin,” he continues sadly.

At that time, Iberia justified Naia’s escape by saying that “she became nervous and when she proceeded to put the carrier in the hold, the cat started biting and scratching compartment until opening the door and leaving quickly. Rocio took a photo of the carrier, which, as confirmed by the affected person, has a sharp dent through which he was able to get out but with no trace of the level of damage that was explained to her at the airport.

Iberia responds

A few days ago Iberia contacted a relative who lives in Tenerife – who they gave their contact details – because they had found a cat at the airport. However, that cat was not Naia, but another lost cat.

After four days of waiting and uncertainty, Iberia has contacted Rocio herself to inform her that although They still have no news from Naia and that they have not seen her since last Sunday, they are doing everything possible to find her together with the association SOS felinewhich has offered its collaboration to search for the cat at the airport along with the workers.

«I just want them to find the cat. If they don’t get it then we will have to do something, take some retaliation,” he says.


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