Naples central station enters the top 10 in Europe

Naples central station enters the top 10 in Europe

AGI – The punctuality of Swiss trains or the cleanliness of Austrian railway stations are almost “facts”. It’s not surprising in the slightest Zurichthis year too, was once again crowned as the best train station in Europe 2023followed by Vienna, Berlin and Bern in fourth placeEuropean Railway Station Index, a report in its fourth edition this year which contains the ranking of the best 50 (large) European railway stations drawn up on the basis of an index calculated on various parameters.

It is much more newsworthy, however, to see the The capital of Campania stands outalone, among the top places in a ranking that does not mention other Italian cities except (apart from the Swiss ones) capitals such as Berlin, Paris and Madrid.

And, instead, things are exactly like this according to the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), an independent consumer association in around a hundred countries around the world. In a statement released after the publication of the updated index, the CCC also explained in detail the methodology used for the research and the criteria evaluated for calculating the index. And everything suggests that the ranking is anything but an end-of-year ’bout’.

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— Consumer Choice Center (@ConsumerChoiceC)
December 4, 2023

In particular, the ranking concerns the 50 largest railway stations in Europe (measured based on the volume of passengers) and the meaning of this ‘exercise’ – the group continues – is that of “help consumers with valid tools to choose the best station for their next trip, thus enjoying the best possible experience.”

The index developed is based on factors ranging from ticket offices to the number of services in the station, accessibility options, transport links, free Wi-Fi to the quality of coverage. Furthermore, the analysis is based on reports provided by national authorities, online statistics, station maps, real-time updates, passenger feedback and as well as research (based on meta-studies and consumer expectations). ) developed by the Ccc itself.

“In addition to the new stations added and those removed – specifies the CCC – we have done our best to include the numerous feedback received last time, adding other variables that passengers consider priorities, such as ticket types, apps, waiting times and the percentage of late trains.

A complex exercise, in short, which certainly has the merit of bringing out a non-stereotypical reality. If Zurich easily leads the top-10 with an index of 102 points, ahead of Vienna, the second, with 94 points, Naples still manages to score 86 points, significantly distancing Termini Station (78 points, 16th in the standings), Bologna Centrale ( 71 points, 26th) and Milano Centrale (68 points, 29th in the standings).

The index reserves some “bad surprises”: the five least welcoming railway stations for passengers are all located in Germany: Essen, Berlin Ostkreuz, Berlin Zoologischer Garten, Munich-Pasing and Bremen. Incredible but true: passengers ‘punished’ them for the frequency of delays and long waiting times for trains.


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