Naul gets hit with malicious comments after posting a proof photo of the ‘National Foundation War’… Comment window closed

Naul gets hit with malicious comments after posting a proof photo of the ‘National Foundation War’…  Comment window closed

Singer Naul received a barrage of negative comments from opposition netizens after posting a poster for the movie ‘National Foundation War’ on social media. He eventually closed the comment window.

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On the 12th, Naul posted a photo of the movie ‘Founding War’ poster and a photo of an old Bible that appears to have been used by former President Syngman Rhee on his Instagram. Along with this, he wrote a Bible verse that reads, “Christ has set us free, so stand firm in him and do not be subject again to a yoke of bondage.”

Although he did not leave any other comments, it is presumed that he wrote this post to certify it after watching the ‘Founding War’.

‘Founding War’ is a documentary film that sheds light on Syngman Rhee’s life and achievements. Former President Syngman Rhee accepted the Christian faith at Pai Chai Academy, which he entered at the age of 20. His Christian network, established since his days at Bae Chai School, later became a great asset in diplomacy with the United States. Naul is also known to be a devout Christian.

Afterwards, posts criticizing Naul were posted on opposition-oriented online communities. On the online community ‘Clean’, a post titled ‘It’s proof that Naul is a conservative supporter’ was posted, and in less than 12 hours, about 130 comments were posted.

Netizens said, “Respecting Syngman Rhee is not a matter of personal taste, but of intelligence. “Goodbye” “The church is the real problem” “This is what it means to lose affection” “People who are overly obsessed with religion will distance themselves” “In our country, religion and politics are said to be separated on the surface, but in reality, religion is politics. There were criticism comments such as “the country that rules the .”

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Former President Syngman Rhee is also known to have deep ties to Christianity.

In other online communities, ‘Naul’s Instagram is in controversy’, ‘Naul’s 2 pictures are verified’, ‘Naul is proudly verifying it?’ Criticism comments aimed at Naul poured in.

Meanwhile, verification of attendance by ruling party figures who watched the founding war during the Lunar New Year holiday continues.

The day before, Han Dong-hoon, chairman of the People Power Party’s emergency response committee, said of former President Lee after watching the movie ‘Founding War’, “He is a person who made very crucial and important decisions at the right time in helping the Republic of Korea come to this point.” He added, “The ROK-US Mutual Defense Treaty “Without land reform, Korea would have been very different from what it is now,” he said.

In contrast, opposition figures are posting reviews of their viewing of ‘Kim Dae-jung on the Road’, raising voices that the ruling and opposition parties are trying to rally support through the film.

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