Netanyahu announces security forces support prisoner exchange

Netanyahu announces security forces support prisoner exchange

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made statements before the vote in the Israeli cabinet on the prisoner exchange agreement expected to be made with Israel and Palestine.

Netanyahu called on the entire cabinet to support the agreement that provides for the exchange of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for captive Israelis in the Gaza Strip, and said that “the security forces support the agreement and the war against Hamas will continue.”

Netanyahu said, “We have a difficult decision before us tonight, but it is the right decision. All security forces fully support it. They understand that our combat capability will not be harmed, on the contrary, it will allow the IDF to prepare for the continuation of the war. I want to state clearly here once again. “The war continues and will continue until all our goals are achieved,” he said.

While discussions regarding the agreement continue in the Israeli cabinet, no official statement has been made yet regarding the agreement.

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