Netanyahu has no destiny but to fall

Netanyahu has no destiny but to fall

to report Jam Jam online“Mohammed Ra’ad, the head of the resistance faction in the Lebanese parliament, announced during his speech about the process of confronting the Zionist enemy on different fronts, that only with resistance can we stand against the crimes committed by America and the Zionist regime in Gaza; A resistance that has amazed the whole world with its steadfastness, courage and heroism and prevents the enemy from reaching its goals.

Referring to the false claims of the Americans about stopping the war against Gaza, Mohammad Raad said, if the Americans really want to stop the war, why do they supply all the ammunition needed by the Israelis and send their senior generals to the operation rooms of the occupying army?

He added that the only thing that the Zionist enemy was able to achieve in Gaza in more than 4 months was destruction and killing in this area, and the occupiers could not destroy Hamas. If the occupying regime is stupid, its war with Hamas will be prolonged, and if the occupiers want to continue their aggression, they will enter a terrible state of attrition from which they will never be able to escape.

This Hezbollah official emphasized that Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Zionist regime, insists on continuing the war, and seeks to escape forward and does not want to fall or go to prison after the war. Because after the war, prison awaits him. The fate that awaits Netanyahu is either to be removed from power by political means, or he will be targeted, and past experiences show that the Zionists have no qualms about killing each other and have done so many times.

Mohammad Raad added that today’s battle is a very sensitive and precise battle and its result will be determined in long periods in the future. The costs of this battle are high, but we will do whatever it takes to protect our people and our country. We are all indebted to the mujahids and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the prosperity and victory of their people and reached the hereafter.

He clarified that the enemy is looking to blackmail and expand the circle of conflicts, but we wait and never fall into the trap that the enemy wants. We fight the enemy in our own way, and the initiative and upper hand belong to the resistance. The enemy can never achieve his goals in Lebanon or impose his conditions on us.


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