New Anapra–Sunland crossing point defined

New Anapra–Sunland crossing point defined


Juarez City.- With progress in the management of procedures before both governments for permits for the construction of a new international crossing in Anapra–Sunland Park, local authorities on both sides of the border defined the exact location where the crossings will be, since It is one for pedestrians and another for light cars.

The location is just after Tonina Street, which is the last street in Anapra, where the pedestrian crossing will be on one side and before the hill that is located in the area, at the height of Del Arroz de Lomas de Poleo Street, the of the vehicles, it was reported yesterday in a meeting between the mayors of Juárez, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, and of Sunland Park, Javier Perea.

Project is in the approval process

The projects for this port between the states of Chihuahua and New Mexico have already been presented to the corresponding federal authorities of both countries and are only awaiting approval, it was indicated.

Construction in the west of the city could begin in a period of two to five years. The investment on the US side is estimated at 120 million dollars and on the Mexican side at 40 to 50 million dollars.

The progress of the project was announced by officials from both cities this Wednesday at the Municipal Presidency of Juárez.

Likewise, with the precise location, the border mayors signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday.

The signing of the document is part of the progress that has been made for the construction of this international crossing that will mainly benefit citizens with the reduction of lines and the economic development of both cities, it was stated.

The project is in the approval process by the Mexican base group, which is made up of federal government agencies such as the Ministry of Finance, Customs, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, the Interior and the Foreign Ministry, and in the case of the US side presidential permission.

“We already have the registration for access to federal resources that the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit gave us, with this all the procedures are completely completed and we have to do everything before the federal government so that the project can be considered feasible. This was achieved at the end of last year,” indicated the director of the Municipal Research and Planning Institute (IMIP), Roberto Mora Palacios.

The Secretary of Public Works of Sunland Park, Héctor Rangel, said that they delivered documents to the Department of the Environment and Immigration for the presidential permit, for which the State Department reported that it was delivered to the White House.

“We are waiting for the environmental study so that the president of the United States can sign it,” he indicated. (Araly Castañón / El Diario)


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