New details revealed in the murder of the Egyptian Maryam Magdy, who traveled to Switzerland in search of her two daughters – video

New details revealed in the murder of the Egyptian Maryam Magdy, who traveled to Switzerland in search of her two daughters – video

Investigations are still ongoing into the case of the disappearance of Egyptian Maryam Magdy, as the Swiss police announced that her body was found after she traveled to retrieve her two daughters from her Swiss husband.
In a special interview with Mohamed Khalil, President of the Egyptian Club in Switzerland, on the “Your Interaction” program on Al Arabiya channel, it was confirmed that there is a lot of misleading and incorrect information being circulated in the media about the incident of Maryam’s disappearance.
The Egyptian embassy’s interference was denied, as was rumored. Khalil confirmed that the embassy was present from the beginning and intervened through the Egyptian ambassador and consul in Switzerland. He pointed out that the embassy will not be able to provide confirmed information until the forensic investigation is completed.
It turned out that Maryam tried for two months to obtain approval to see her two daughters, and coordination was made with a humanitarian organization to enable her to see them three times a week.
12 days after her arrival, Maryam suddenly disappeared and her phone stopped working, and her body was found in the river last Friday. A suspect has been arrested, and it has been reported that he may be involved with her husband according to a Swiss newspaper.

Khalil confirmed that her husband is of Swiss nationality, but his grandmother is Egyptian, and he is fluent in the Arabic language, which means that he holds both Egyptian and Swiss nationalities. It was confirmed that the husband was preventing her from communicating on social media and that he is a strict person according to her family.
Further investigations are awaited, and as for her two daughters, they are staying with the Swiss government until the case procedures are completed.
A visa was obtained for her brother on his way to Switzerland, and the burial place for Maryam’s body will be determined according to the wishes of her family after the autopsy and police investigations are completed.
It is worth noting that the police announced that they are working to collect evidence and conduct the necessary investigations to uncover the circumstances of the incident and identify those responsible. The investigations are expected to be complex and take time before the full details of the case are revealed.

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