New evidence of war crimes in Israeli attacks on Rafah

New evidence of war crimes in Israeli attacks on Rafah

In the statement made by the London-based organization, it was stated that the organization conducted a detailed investigation into 4 separate Israeli attacks in Rafah, which is supposed to be the “safest” region of Gaza.

In the statement, it was stated that three of the attacks occurred in December 2023, after the humanitarian mission ended, and one occurred last month.

In the statement, it was stated that at least 95 civilians, 42 of whom were children, were killed in 4 attacks in the so-called “safe” area, and among the victims was retired surgeon Dr. It was reported that Abdullah was born and that there was a newly born baby girl whose birth had not yet been officially registered.

The statement underlined that one of the attacks was carried out with a bomb produced by the US company Boeing, and emphasized that the organization could not find any indication that the residences hit in all four attacks could be considered legitimate military targets or that the people living in the buildings were military targets.

In the statement, it was stated that this raised serious concerns that the attacks were direct attacks against civilians and civilian objects and should be investigated as war crimes, and added: “New evidence of deadly unlawful attacks in Rafah collected by the organization and published today, in the military operations of Israeli forces in Gaza.” “It shows how it violates international humanitarian law and destroys entire families with utter recklessness.” expressions were used.

– “It is clear that the attacks constitute a ‘war crime'”

In the statement, it was stated that the organization visited the places where all 4 attacks took place, took photos of the destruction, recorded images, and met with 14 survivors and 18 people who participated in the rescue efforts.

The statement also stated that the organization analyzed satellite images, photographs and videos to determine and verify the location of the attacks and the resulting destruction, and that it examined the war diary published by the official page of the Israeli army, which did not refer to any of the 4 attacks.

In the statement, it was emphasized that Amnesty International sent questions to Israeli authorities about the attacks on January 19 and 30, but no response was received until the date of publication of the report, and the following was noted:

“Even if the Israeli forces aimed to hit legitimate military targets in the places where these 4 attacks took place, it is clear that the attacks did not distinguish between military targets and civilian objects and therefore constituted a “war crime”. The evidence collected by the Affair also showed that the Israeli army “It shows that you did not give an effective warning or any warning to those living in the regions.”

– “Israeli powers have despised international law”

Erika Guevara-Rosas, Director of Global Research, Advocacy and Policy at Amnesty International, whose assessments on the issue were included in the statement, stated that families were destroyed in Israeli attacks after taking refuge in areas deemed safe and even though they were not warned in advance by Israeli authorities.

“These attacks reveal a continuing pattern of Israeli forces flouting international law and are contradicted by Israeli officials’ claims that their forces are taking increased measures to minimize harm to civilians,” Guevara-Rosas said. made his assessment.

Mentioning that among those killed in these unlawful attacks by Israel were a baby girl who was not yet 3 weeks old, a 69-year-old well-known retired doctor, a journalist who hosted displaced families at her home, and a mother who shared the same bed with her 23-year-old daughter, Guevara-Rosas said:

“Following the important interim decision of the International Court of Justice that the risk of genocide is real and imminent, the horrific details of these cases strengthen the urgency for all states to press for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, which is the most effective way of implementing the interim measures ordered by the court. The horrific scale of death and destruction “It is clear that all states have an obligation to act to prevent genocide, but instead key states have failed to call for a clear ceasefire and continue to fuel war crimes by supplying arms to Israel.”


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