New Government of Pedro Sánchez: “high political profile and strong feminist tone”

New Government of Pedro Sánchez: “high political profile and strong feminist tone”

“Spain is stronger than it was five years ago”, assured with great conviction the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez (51 years old), who came to power in 2018. He had just presented his new ministerial team, after having obtained, in the last week, the confidence of Parliament with an absolute majority. The socialist ruler formed an Executive “with a high political profile and a marked feminist tone”, suitable for the difficult current legislature. Its members take office on Tuesday, the day on which the first Council of Ministers is held.

Before Sánchez announced the composition of the Government to the media, details of the structure of the Executive and the names of those who make it up were revealed. It was learned that there are still 22 ministries, contradicting predictions of the team losing weight. This one has more women (12) than men (10). María Jesús Montero, the new head of Finance, joins the group of four vice-prime ministers very close to Sánchez: Nadia Calviño (Economy), Yolanda Díaz (Labour) and Teresa Ribera (Ecological Transition). Calviño may have to leave the Executive soon, if she manages to be elected president of the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Sánchez confirms Félix Bolaños as the team’s “strong man”. The architect of the agreements with the political parties that allowed his investiture in the Congress of Deputies is a person of the prime minister’s utmost trust, whom he has accompanied since his first steps in national politics. Bolaños, until now Minister of the Presidency and Parliamentary Affairs, adds to these the protection of Justice.

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