New Management, East Java Islamic Syarikat Develops Organization

New Management, East Java Islamic Syarikat Develops Organization

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The revival and prosperity of the Indonesian people can start from East Java, because this province at the tip of Java Island has enormous natural potential and human resources. This was revealed in the Regional Conference of the Islamic Society (SI) organization which was held on Sunday (19/11/2023) at Graha Jabal Nur, Surabaya.

In the deliberation, a new SI captain was elected, namely Prof. Mukhtasor, PhD. as Chairman of the Syuro Council and Prof. Dr. Achmad Soebagio as General Chair. In the spirit of zelfbestuur (taking care of oneself) and guided by ‘as pure as monotheism, as high as knowledge, and as smart as syiasah’, the East Java SI are determined to develop the organization.

Originally called Syarikat Dagang Islam (SDI) it was founded by H. Samanhudi in Surakarta 1905, then by HOS Tjokroaminoto its political vision was sharpened to become Syarikat Islam (1912). “All of this aims to strengthen the Indonesian Muslim community as an agro-maritime based economic power,” said Mukhtasor, who is none other than a Professor of Marine Engineering from ITS.

The East Java SI Muswil as an important step towards prosperity was opened by the representative of the Governor of East Java, Imam Hidayat as Head of the People’s Welfare Bureau of the East Java Provincial Government. In his speech, the Governor of East Java hoped that SI together with other mass organizations would become a driving force for economic independence, genuine public participation and complete people’s welfare.

Apart from designing a real program, the deliberation participants agreed on a formation team for management for the next five years, namely: Prof. Ir. Achmad Subagio, Ph.D. (Chair), Prof. Ir. Mukhtasor, M.Eng., Ph.D. (Member), KH Ir. M. Sayuri Rustam, MM (Member), Ir. Subakri Shally/Surabaya-Tuban (Member), Kyai Abdur Rosyid, M.HI./Madura (Member), RKH Nasiruddin Mudhar, S.Sos./Tapal Kuda (Member), and Drs. Sentot Widodo/Mataraman (Member).

The Regional Conference this time took inspiration from the long history of SI, which was born at the same time as the National Awakening Movement in 1905. This organization succeeded in playing a key role in expelling the Dutch colonialists, and since then, it has become a forum for the struggle of Muslims for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, especially in East Java Province.

In the opening remarks it was emphasized that the regeneration of the SI organization needs to be carried out by preparing a real and relevant work program. The Regional Conference is a strategic step to realize this ideal, while simultaneously responding to the challenges of the times and ensuring a significant role for the people and nation.

The instructions from the Koran in Surah al-Hujurat verse 10 and the Hadith of the Prophet SAW regarding the importance of friendship are the basis for this activity. The aim is not only to strengthen ukhuwah Islamiyah within the Syarikat Islam congregation, but also to maintain the unity and unity of East Javanese society in the midst of political polarization which can be detrimental to all.

More than 150 representatives of SI Branch Management throughout East Java Province gathered to continue the leadership relay, strengthen the Islamic brotherhood, and strengthen national and ummah ties. The resulting work program is expected to be able to answer internal, external and general problems faced by the people of East Java, with a focus on the interests of the people and society.

Chairman of the SI Shura Council, Prof. Mukhtasor is known as a professor who masters marine technology and coastal community resources. Mukhtasor develops alternative energy for coastal communities which have the longest coastline in the world, with abundant sunlight and sea waves. Meanwhile, SI General Chair Achmad Subagio is a food expert who developed Mocaf, a cassava flour substitute for wheat flour.

“Mocaf is fermented cassava tuber, containing higher levels of calcium, phosphorus and fiber than wheat. “Apart from that, mocaf contains vitamin C and phytoestrogens, namely hormones that function to prevent premature menopause for women,” said Subagio, who is a Professor at the University of Jember. Mocaf products are not only famous in Indonesia, but have also been exported to various countries. If developed seriously, mocaf products can become an alternative for Indonesian food diversification and independence.

In the closing ceremony, Mukhtasor expressed hope not only for moral and financial support, but also energy and thoughts from all elements of society. “The success of organizational activities is measured not only in the success of holding the musywil, but also in its positive impact on the lives of Muslims and East Java society as a whole,” concluded Muktasor.

East Java with all its potential is a barometer of Indonesia’s revival. May Allah’s blessing always accompany every effort and devotion of the Islamic Company now and in the future.

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