New music for the weekend: Devendra Banhart’s wig, André Henriques’ (Linda Martini) lightness and António Zambujo’s whiskey

New music for the weekend: Devendra Banhart’s wig, André Henriques’ (Linda Martini) lightness and António Zambujo’s whiskey

Numerous albums and songs are released this Friday, September 22nd, the day before the arrival of autumn. This is the case of “Flying Wig”, Devendra Banhart’s new album. In this work, which follows “Ma”, from 2019, the American of Venezuelan origin worked with Cate Le Bon (who also produced the new Wilco, “Cousins”). In November, Devendra Banhart plays at the Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon (7th), and at Theatro Circo de Braga, on the 8th.

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Also returning to the albums is Australian Kylie Minogue. “Tension” is the title of his 16th studio work, whose songs, invariably danceable, were inspired by themes such as “love and heartbreak”. ‘Padam Padam’ was the (celebrated) first single.

“Scarlet” is the title of the fourth album by North American Doja Cat. The album reflects the artist’s disillusionment with the state of pop music and criticism of her status as a rapper, representing a “masculine” successor to her previous work, “ Planet Her.” Hip-hop and R&B are the privileged genres and ‘Agora Hills’ is the most recent single.

Also today, “Leveza”, the new solo album by André Henriques, vocalist, guitarist and lyricist for Linda Martini, arrives in stores and on streaming. The album will be available in digital and physical versions (vinyl only) and now gives rise to a new single, ‘Espanto’, whose video was directed by Paulo Segadães. “Espanto”, the album, was recorded in Lisbon and mixed in Rio de Janeiro. The presentation concerts take place at Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisbon, on the 15th of November, and at Plano B, in Porto, on the 17th of the same month. This Friday, September 22nd, André Henriques plays at Casa da Música Jorge Peixinho, in Montijo.

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Today is also the day to discover “Mãe”, the new album by Cristina Branco, which has traditional fado as a starting point and tribute. 18th album in a 26-year career, the work finds its “poetic density” in the work of Fernando Pessoa and David Mourão-Ferreira, but also in that of Aldina Duarte, Manuela de Freitas, Natália Correia or Teresinha Landeiro.

Being a mother is like a path back home, it’s like starting a civilization all over again”, explains the artist. “In this album, I wanted to face my own battle by focusing on what I was given to experience through music, how it welcomed me, how it overturned all the obstacles that prevented me from leaving my island.” Cristina Branco presents the new album at Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, in Leiria, on October 21st: at Casa da Música, in Porto, on November 30th, and at the Municipal Auditorium of Lagoa, on December 1st. The concert in Lisbon, at the Centro Cultural de Belém, is scheduled for February 2nd.

With Cape Verdean roots, Lura today releases “Multicolor”, an album that marks a new phase in his career spanning more than 25 years. Produced by Agir, the album features ten original songs, three of them sung (for the first time) in Portuguese, which “highlight his dual nationality, Portuguese and Cape Verdean”. In a statement, it can be said that this is an album about “freedom, diversity, acceptance and the strength and importance of women in society”. “Multicolor” features the collaboration of Dino D’Santiago, José Eduardo Agualusa, Picas and Angelique Kidjo.

Also today arrives “Contornos”, the first album by Portuguese Mimi Froes. Author of all the lyrics and music, with the exception of ‘Não Vás Já’, the author presents this album as follows: “It reflects my certainty that life teaches us to make mistakes and to give up on perfectionism. It talks about the loss of that control, the attempt to regain it and the frustration of that process, but also the hope of finding peace in it.” “Contornos” will be presented at Maria Matos, in Lisbon, on November 29th, and at Casa da Mùsica, in Porto, on December 1st.

“Até ao Sol” is the title of the EP that, this Friday, Elisa Rodrigues presents. With this release, the single ‘Lava’ also arrives, “an ode to anger, as an ultra-necessary emotion”. Actress Mia Tomé is guest of this theme, making an interlude spoken word. The album includes other songs, such as ‘Amor Perfeito, Sonhar’, with Rita Onofre, ‘Sem Medo’, with Joana Alegre, and ‘Tanto’, which reflects her experience of motherhood. “Até ao Sol” is the first album entirely in Portuguese by Elisa Rodrigues, who previously worked with the English These New Puritans. The album will be presented at the Lisbon Planetarium, on September 29th.

We say goodbye with a new song from “Cidade”, the tenth album by António Zambujo. ‘5 Minutos de Whisky’ was written, like the rest of the album’s tracks, by Miguel Araújo. The word to the author: “My uncle Luís tells the story of ‘Pai Henriques’, a famous bohemian from the city of Porto, who in the past went from bar to bar always with the same glass, which he brought from home. The daughter, it is known, used to do the night patrol looking for her father, to take him home, who when caught always asked for five more minutes, extended the glass to the waiter and asked ‘put me here for five minutes of whiskey, please’.”


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