News breakfast, 16 December 1402; From the delivery of Tatlo to Iran to the criticism of the elites who…

News breakfast, 16 December 1402;  From the delivery of Tatlo to Iran to the criticism of the elites who…

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Raisi’s criticism of the elites who migrate
The president said at the Student’s Day ceremony at Shahid Beheshti University: “I consider patriotism to be one of the indicators of eliteness. Eliteness allows you to give up serving the country and on the pretext that some place will pay me a bit more, so should I go there?”

Hossamuddin Ashna’s irony to the President’s government’s plan to attract elites with dual citizenship
In response to the Ibrahim Raisi government’s plan to attract elites with dual citizenship, Hossamuddin Ashna wrote sarcastically: Wasn’t this called laying the groundwork for influence before? Sepehr Khalji, the head of the government’s information council, wrote in a tweet earlier: “The government provides the opportunity to recruit elites with dual citizenship in scientific faculties.”

Raisi: The government itself took the initiative in the issue of tea import corruption
The President said: In the recent report of corruption in the importation of tea, the government first took the lead and identified and followed up, dismissed those involved and handed the case over to the judiciary.

Hamid Alimi’s eulogy continues to be prevented
Hamid Alimi, a eulogist who has taken a stance against some of the government’s actions in recent months, announced that he was prohibited from attending two eulogy sessions, despite prior announcements and notifications. Alimi posted a picture of the notices related to these two meetings and wrote: “I apologize to all my dear brothers and sisters for not attending these two meetings. Respected authorities of Kashan, Aran and Bidgol did not consider it advisable for me not to attend the Roza. I just wanted you to know that I was not rude. I apologize again. forgive me.”

We felt like a boss was reporting about another country
Gholamreza Nouri Qazaljeh, a member of the Production Jump Commission and Monitoring the Implementation of Article 44 of the Parliament’s Constitution, said, “When we talk to the authorities, the allocations for property acquisition are 1 to 10 percent. If there is no budget deficit, why are resources not allocated to these things? The conditions in the society are not consistent with the numbers and figures that the head of the society had. We felt like they were reporting about another country and I can’t believe these things.”

The latest status of the case of the former Minister of Agriculture
Gholamreza Nouri Qazalcheh, a member of the Parliament’s Agriculture Commission, in an interview with “Father’s Choice” regarding the dealings with Sadatinejad due to the fake cottage incident, said: Mr. Sadatinejad’s dismissal from the Ministry of Agriculture was for this reason. Of course, as far as I have heard, Sadati Nejad’s case regarding the corruption of the fake cottage has been placed in the judicial process, but I don’t know anything about its outcome.

Turkish police handed Tetlo over to Iran
Referring to the “arrest of Tetlu due to the complaints of numerous private plaintiffs and widespread immoral actions in the abuse of teenagers under 18 years of age in Turkey”, Mizan news agency wrote: Amir Hossein Maqsoodlu nicknamed Tetlu, who lived in Istanbul, Turkey for the past few years, was arrested by the Turkish police a few minutes ago. He was arrested at the border of Bazargan, delivered to Iran, with a judicial order.

Tehran Municipality’s reaction to recent news about Zakani’s personal life
Referring to the recent rumors about Alireza Zakani’s private life, Abdul Mathar Mohammad Khani, the spokesperson of Tehran Municipality, wrote: “With an unprecedented leap in the field of fake news, a shameless lie was made against the personal life of the mayor of Tehran. Complaints have been filed against all the participants of this “project” and until the result is achieved. will be followed up. We have not and will not spend a single riyal on media extortionists, and of course, “God will defend the people of faith.”

The amount of tax exemption for salary earners was announced
According to the final text of next year’s budget bill, the tax exemption for salary earners has increased to 12 million, and the annual income exemption for jobs and real estate rental income has been set at 75 and 57 million tomans, respectively.

The former governor of Qazvin was released on bond
The governor of Qazvin pointed to the Supreme Leader’s interpretation of the seven-headed dragon of corruption and said: Corruption has facilities and access that can create many obstacles for anti-corruption people like the former governor of Qazvin. He further stated: Islami Sadr was condemned due to sensitivity to corruption in the period before taking office as governor of Qazvin. With the follow-ups carried out at the national and provincial levels, the governor of Qazvin was released with an electronic bond.

Minister of Interior: Participation in the elections means supporting Gaza and Palestine
Interior Minister Vahidi said: Our slogan for the elections is one more vote for resistance. Today, our elections are tied to Palestinian resistance, and strengthening participation and presence means supporting Gaza and Palestine.

The court of Tehran condemned the US to pay 49 billion dollars
Based on the decision of Branch 55 of the Tehran General and Legal Court, the US government and 41 other natural and legal persons in the US were sentenced to pay 49.777 billion dollars in the case of claiming damages caused by the assassination of Sardar Soleimani.

The bank debtor went to prison to serve his 15-year sentence
The judiciary announced: Mohammad Rostamisafa, the main accused in the Rostamisafa group case, a bank debtor, was sent to prison to serve a 15-year sentence. Rostami Safa was criminally prosecuted with the complaint of the plaintiff banks since 2019 due to the non-repayment of the facilities within the stipulated period and the non-repayment of the debt after the creditors’ legal actions and due to numerous violations. The Rostamisafa group, under the management of Mohammad Rostamisafa, accompanied by his relatives and close friends, and through committing numerous violations, had been able to obtain facilities and loans of large Riyals and foreign currency from the country’s banking system, namely five banks: Parsian, Tejarat, Tezareh Saderat, Meli and Bank Sepeh, in the 80s. to receive


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