News breakfast, November 30, 1402; From the action of the president to end the news of the minister staying at home…

News breakfast, November 30, 1402;  From the action of the president to end the news of the minister staying at home…

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Qalibaf: The decision to increase the retirement age is “irreversible”.
Jafar Qadri, the representative of the people of Shiraz in the parliament, in a public meeting, in a remark about the resolution of the parliament yesterday regarding the retirement time of the employees, said: the issue of retirement age was not raised in the consolidation commission of the 7th plan bill, and this resolution of the parliament has ambiguities that need to be returned to the parliament for further consideration. . In response to this representative’s remark, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf stated that this issue was approved in the parliament and cannot be reversed, and said: “Yesterday, during the voting and after that, at noon, I mentioned the issue of what the output of the parliament’s resolution is.”

Parliament’s decision: €10 will be collected from passengers of foreign flights
The representatives of the Islamic Council allowed the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to collect 10 Euros from the passengers of foreign flights separately for each passenger and deposit it into the relevant account in the general treasury.

Vice President’s reaction to the news of the presence of Israeli goods in the Iranian market
Regarding the presence of Israeli goods in Iran, Mohammad Dehghan, the vice president for legal affairs, said: Inside the country, the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade is in charge of goods affairs. I don’t think that there are such goods inside our country, but again, the Ministry of Industry will follow up so that if such goods are found somewhere, they will be dealt with and sanctioned. He continued: Our country should not have such products with such anti-Zionist regime. Of course, some goods only have one type of name and it does not mean that they are Israeli and are produced inside the country.

There are no new developments regarding the nuclear negotiations
The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to the question of Iranian diplomacy, who asked, regarding the current crisis in Gaza, whether Iran’s talks with the United States and Western countries to lift sanctions and return to the JCPOA are still ongoing, and whether the exchange of messages is still ongoing. 😕 “The Minister of Foreign Affairs also explained in this regard. We do not have a new development, but this path is open, talks with mediators can naturally be the result of circumstances, this path is not closed, and talks with mediators can be done at agreed times.

Mohsen Rezaei: Yemenis can bring 500,000 fighters into Palestine
Mohsen Rezaei, the secretary of the High Council for Economic Coordination of the Heads of Powers, said: “In the coming days, new war fronts will be opened in the war against Gaza, and if the situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, the reaction of the Muslim youth cannot be prevented.” He added: If the situation worsens, the Yemenis can bring about 500,000 fighters into Palestine.

MP: The government itself sought to increase the retirement age
Ehsan Arkani, a member of the Program and Budget Commission of the Islamic Council, referring to the parliament’s decision to increase the retirement age, said: “Unfortunately, after yesterday’s decision, we saw a heavy wave of vandalism against the parliament in cyberspace. He clarified: Regarding increasing the retirement age in the 7th Development Plan Bill, throwing the ball in the parliament’s court is a wrong address, and everyone should know that the government itself sought to increase the retirement age in the program bill and in the budget bill.

Foreign Ministry spokesman’s reaction to Biden’s request from China regarding Iran
Nasser Kanani, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said about Biden’s statements and his request to the Chinese President regarding Iran: I am not aware of this issue, and if we assume that such a request has been made by the American government instead of asking others, it is better for the responsibility of this government in relation to It is international peace and security to pay attention and refrain from fully and fully standing by the Zionist regime to continue the war crimes against the Palestinian nation and not to sacrifice the interests of the country and the American nation to the illegitimate and greedy interests of the Zionist regime.

The president’s action to end the news of the oil minister staying at home
In recent days, the news of the resignation of Javad Oji, the oil minister of the 13th government, was in the media. A member of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Council has informed about ignoring the orders of the president in line with the managers’ guidance patrol and said that a month ago, the oil minister had resigned and stayed at home for several days so that the order of the president to remove two oil managers was not implemented. While there was still a vague atmosphere about this issue, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi went to the Ministry of Oil today to perhaps put an end to the news about the resignation and retirement of one of his most important ministers. This meeting took place while Oji was not present at the ministry.

The price of white fish exceeded 400 thousand tomans
The price of live trout, which is considered one of the most affordable fish in demand, has reached 240,000 tomans per kilo in city stores, white fish has exceeded 400,000 tomans per kilo, and the best-selling fish of the South Sea are priced between 350,000 and 500,000 tomans.

Tehran’s roads have been freezing since Wednesday
Referring to the rain and snow in the province, the General Directorate of Meteorology of Tehran announced the freezing of the roads from the morning of Wednesday (December 1) due to the drop in temperature.

Azadeh Samadi was banned from leaving
Azadeh Samadi, a film, theater and television actress, while on her way to the 54th Goa Festival in India, her passport was confiscated and she was not allowed to leave the country. He was informed at Imam Khomeini airport that he is not allowed to leave. Fars news agency wrote: According to a well-informed source, “the reason for Azadeh Samadi being banned from leaving is her open case regarding the non-observance of hijab at the funeral of one of the country’s theater artists.”

Taliban response to Iran’s Haqaba issue: We pray for rain
Maulvi Abdul Latif Mansour, the Acting Minister of Energy and Water and the Acting Government of Afghanistan, said about the issue of Iran’s aggression: We had talks before. There is a drought not only in Afghanistan, but also in Asia, and this is a fact. Drought is not only the problem of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but also the problem of Afghanistan, and it has caused the migration of people in Helmand and Nimroz. This is a great divine test. We pray that it will rain and this issue will be resolved.

Masih Mohajeri: Violations were committed in the last parliamentary and presidential elections
Hojjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin, Masih Mohajeri wrote in the newspaper Johmouri-e-Islami: Everyone must accept that the law was violated in the past parliamentary and presidential elections, and this led to a sharp decrease in popular participation. We have touched the big losses of this violation in the last 4 years. Now is the time to make amends.

The reaction of the Minister of Communications to the Internet disruptions: Türkiye’s Internet was down
Isa Zarepour, Minister of Communications, said about the internet disruption in the past two days: There are speculations that it was a cyber attack; There was no attack at all and it was a technical problem that I instructed my friends not to witness such incidents again. Zarepour told Tasnim about the reason for the internet disruption in the past two days: We had no disruption yesterday, just now when I was at the conference, 30% of mobile sites were down due to the rain in Khuzestan, which friends are following up on. Is the problem of internet disruption only in Khuzestan province?” He said: No, the incident is a natural thing and it may happen at any moment. Yesterday, parts of the Turkish internet were also cut off.


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