Nigeria. Salaries of 67 euros and new presidential yacht

Nigeria.  Salaries of 67 euros and new presidential yacht

In Nigeria, President Bola Tinubu announced an increase in the lowest salaries in the country, going from €37 to the equivalent of €67 per month over the next 6 months. Coming to power in May, Tinubu introduced a liberalization of the economy that resulted in a tripling of fuel prices, 25% inflation and an accelerated devaluation of the national currency, the Naira. “A painful but necessary reform to win the future,” he said. The brutal increase in fuel prices has a much greater impact than just on individual and collective transport, since, because Nigeria does not produce enough energy for its needs, many companies and citizens use small generators powered by oil to produce the electricity they need. consume. With these measures, the Government managed to get the two union federations to call off the unlimited national strike. Nigeria is the largest African economy and one of the most prominent members of OPEC, but, due to a lack of refining capacity, it has to import the vast majority of its fuels.

This news seemed normal, it would even be commendable, as one can imagine the difficulties that the most disadvantaged families face daily for simple survival, but behold, the same President Tinubu has just published a supplementary budget with an additional expense of 38 million dollars for the purchase of a new presidential yacht, for the renewal of the fleet affects the President, and the 460 deputies of the National Assembly were presented with a new SUV worth 150 thousand dollars each, «to help them improve their work» – the which raises fears that the popular uprising could become even more violent.


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