Nobody is above the law

Nobody is above the law


Mexico City.- The presidential candidate of the Opposition, Xóchitl Gálvez, warned President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that no one is above the law after the President’s statements after he displayed the telephone number of a journalist from The New York Times.

“I am extremely concerned that the President feels above the law, no one is above the law. Mexico is the most dangerous country on the planet to practice journalism and the President maliciously and deliberately exposes the journalist who only is doing his job,” Gálvez said.

In his morning, López Obrador said that his moral authority is above a law after being questioned about the possible violation of personal data of the NYT journalist, Natalie Kitroeff, chief correspondent of the American newspaper.

And what do we do with the Transparency Law, Mr. President?, a Univision journalist asked him this Friday morning from the National Palace.

“No, above that Law is the moral authority, the political authority, and I represent a Country and I represent a people that deserves respect, that not just anyone is going to come, because we are not criminals, we have moral authority, no Any person is going to come, because it’s the NYT, and they’re going to put us, they’re going to sit us in the dock,” he responded.

Gálvez affirmed that the accusations against President López Obrador of alleged links with drug trafficking have their origin in the fact that the Tabasco government has not combated organized crime.

At a press conference, the opposition standard-bearer alluded to information from The New York Times about alleged links between organized crime and those close to the President and maintained that what the newspaper reports “is that there was an investigation, that there are protected witnesses, that there are people that they declared. Those statements would be enough for the President to request that an investigation be carried out here in Mexico.”

“What people tell me is that now they understand about Culiacanazo (when El Chapo’s son was released at AMLO’s request), about the greeting to El Chapo’s mother; now they understand why they don’t attack criminals and why they are hugged. The truth is that, in real life, this Government has not attacked criminals: this Government has allowed crime to take over 35 percent of the national territory,” he stated.

One day after he turned 61, Xóchitl’s team brought him a cake. Ironically, she slipped: “The only thing missing was the gum…”.


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