“Nong Thitapat”, a victim of abuse, turned her life around to become a famous seller worth 100 million baht, giving away a house worth 20 million baht to the gods to live in.

“Nong Thitapat”, a victim of abuse, turned her life around to become a famous seller worth 100 million baht, giving away a house worth 20 million baht to the gods to live in.

Many years ago, the name of “Nong-Thitapat Keeratipinyopat” It was front page news in every newspaper. Abused by employer, slapped, forced to eat and vomit Before being able to escape, he had to undergo extreme torture. Until he decided to escape and received help from the Paweena Foundation and Nakhon Sawan police officers. The incident at that time caused a lot of pain to Nong. Both physical wounds and mental wounds But it is also the driving force that drives Nong to work through everything. Fight until success and become a skilled salesperson. That has made a huge income from various products and recently opened its own company to produce nutritional supplements under the name Mixsa Five Oil Company, with sales that are growing rapidly in the tens of millions of baht. In which the youngster revealed the path to success that came in exchange for his life…..

“I didn’t think we would have to face something like this. I’ve only seen it in the news. I didn’t think I’d come face to face with it. It is very cruel. It’s always been a wound in my heart. Until you unlock yourself and come out and stand here Daring to tell this story is not easy at all. After the incident, he took time to reflect on himself. We will not be a victim like this again. We must succeed. So that no one will bully us again. Because of the single word money that makes us struggle Nong has been working to earn money through trading since childhood. Primary school also came to sell things at the market. Do everything to get money Because we are the children of farmers. Status is not rich. Poverty makes us diligent in everything.”

“You didn’t start from scratch. You start with a dead person. A person who started from the living dead Nong almost didn’t survive. On the day I got up Nong told himself that From now on, the rest of our lives are not ours. The gods asked him to stay and do good deeds. It is the driving force for us to rise up and fight again. We encountered this hard. From now on, no matter what you encounter There is nothing to be afraid of.”

“You have sold everything. But what makes life better is selling things online. Sold to many brands, making sales worth tens of millions. It is well known that We are golden sellers. Make a fortune by selling products to various brands. You can pay off debt for your family. But life came crashing down again. Because I was invited to invest in a Y series. There were old stars taken to get to know the creators, and we invested tens of millions. Currently, the movie is still not finished. But we have to take out money all the time. Until having to take the house to the bank Put the condo up for sale, have to earn money every month to pay off debt in installments of hundreds of thousands of baht.”

“Very broken, unable to find any refuge. So I went with the Moo line. Met Ajarn Kaem Phonrumpa Puangthong and changed his real name and nickname. from being a distributor He became the owner of his own product brand, mixsa five oil, changed his life, paid off millions in debt for his family, built a house worth 20 million, an office and 10 million in cash.”
“The secret to success is besides our diligence and determination to fight without giving up. We still have good encouragement. Sacred things are strength and encouragement. If you can’t speak to anyone, speak to sacred things. The one that I highly respect is Phra Mae Sri Bahujaramata. Recently, I asked her to make a profit of 20 million baht. If I get it, I will give this house to her. Therefore, it was the origin of the opening of “Thevalai Sri Bahuchramata” located in Nong Pling Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Sawan Province.

“This house is worth 20 million. At first, I intended to live in it myself. Beautifully decorated But when I asked for a blessing, it came true as I had hoped. So he gave this house to Mother Sri Bahuchramata in this temple. When walking in, you will see Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Narayana Baraji and Goddess Srihabujaramata. President of the temple There is only one in Thailand. He is the god of LGBTQ people, giving blessings to all genders, whether male or female. or third gender

“Now I’m asking for sales, asking for 150 million, and intending to use 50 million to build a foundation. Which gods support you? I would like to share the merit with everyone. May everyone come together to create.”


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