North Korea sent spy satellite into orbit

North Korea sent spy satellite into orbit

North Korea succeeded in sending its spy satellite into Earth orbit in its third attempt this year.


North Korea carried out the launch after announcing that it would send a spy satellite into orbit between November 22 and December 1. In the statement made by North Korea, it was reported that the satellite in question was successfully sent into Earth orbit. North Korea announced that its spy satellite was launched from the Sohae Satellite Launch Facility at 10.42 local time and the satellite entered orbit at 10.54.

“We will also send other satellites”

In the statement, it was reported that multiple spy satellites will be sent into orbit in the near future to ensure the surveillance capabilities of the North Korean Armed Forces.

While South Korea and Japan confirmed the launch, they stated that they could not yet confirm whether the satellite in question was placed into orbit.

First launch after Russia’s promise of aid

North Korea failed twice in its attempt to launch a spy satellite, last May and August. The latest launch came after Russian President Vladimir Putin promised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to help North Korea build satellites during his visit to Russia in September.


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