North Korea tests new rocket launcher control system

North Korea tests new rocket launcher control system

North Korea boasts of several rocket launchers that have been developed with next-generation control systems. This will lead to qualitative changes in defense capabilities.

(Photo by KCNA VIA KNS / AFP)

AFP reports On Monday, February 12, 2024, it said the Pyongyang government’s Defense Science Institute successfully tested and fired several 240 mm artillery rounds. With a new model of rocket launcher that can be controlled to fire. According to the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)

The new rocket launcher was developed to increase its potential on the battlefield. And it shows enemies that North Korea is committed to every detail of its weapons. The focus is not just on nuclear weapons.

This year, North Korea declared South Korea its main enemy. Ready to cancel all cooperation in reunification and threaten to launch a full-scale war if even 0.001 millimetres of territory is violated.

Kim Jong Un reiterated on Friday that North Korea will not hesitate to destroy South Korea if it is attacked first. by calling the southern region a “The most dangerous state and the most irreversible enemy.”

Kim Jong Un has also increased weapons testing. This includes many cruise missile launches this year. which analysts said North Korea may supply Russia to fight in Ukraine

on Saturday The South Korean leader, who has supported defense cooperation with the United States and Japan since taking office in 2022, told the Marines: “If the enemy provokes us Adhere to the principle of ‘manage first, report later’ and respond decisively. without hesitation to completely destroy the enemy’s will,” expressing the same stance he made during a visit to frontline military units in December.

The South Korean leader has previously said that Pyongyang’s rogue government is likely to carry out a series of provocative acts. This includes cyberattacks and drone intrusions. Ahead of South Korea’s elections on April 10.

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