Not aware of the body. Why do they not notice the death of a lonely person for years | People | Society

Not aware of the body.  Why do they not notice the death of a lonely person for years |  People |  Society

“The mummified body of the owner, who had been locked up for more than one year, was found in the apartment” – such messages regularly appear in the news. As a rule, elderly people disappear into obscurity, for whom there is no one to worry about – whether they have relatives or not, or they don’t care. But if the elderly are not needed by their relatives, then why do public services not notice their disappearances?

Remembered after 8 years

Elenadaughter of a Soviet aircraft designer Kirill Kuryanskywho worked with Pavel Sukhoi, found in her apartment in the center of Moscow 3 months after her death. A pensioner from Shchelkovo near Moscow died of cardiac arrest 2 years ago – she was found only this February. And only because the apartment had to be opened due to a utility failure – a flood began on the floor below. Another “find” is 4 years old. There, the police broke down the door of the residence due to suspicious strangers showing interest in him and the smell of gas.

The “record holder” of this sad list is the apartment on Yaroslavskoye Highway, in which the mummy lay for 8 (!) years. The corpse of an elderly man was discovered by bailiffs who finally came to deal with the “willful defaulter.”

He doesn’t pay, and that’s okay?

Let’s take relatives out of brackets. But why does a person’s death go unnoticed even by those who make money from it? If the management company (MC) for many months, or even 8 years, does not see the tenant of the apartment paying bills, shouldn’t it be the first to ring all the bells? After all, we are talking about her immediate interests.

“Theoretically, this is true. If payments are not received for a long time, this is, of course, a problem for the housing and communal services company, he says expert in housing and communal services of the Moscow region Alexander Trushkov. – But here it is necessary to stipulate what the management company can and cannot do. So, employees have the opportunity to come to the apartment once every six months to, say, take meter readings and check whether they are being transmitted correctly. But if the door is not opened, then they have no right to break it without some serious reason (the smell of gas, a broken pipe, a threat to the life of the owner or other residents).

What actions does the management company take when debt arises? By law, she must send a demand for payment to the debtor and provide a reasonable time for its compliance. And only then, if the money does not arrive, go to court. However, this period is not clearly stated for the Criminal Code. Debts can accumulate and accumulate, and the Criminal Code will go to court when it gets around to it.

“Yes, management companies post lists of defaulters in the public domain. But nothing follows from this: the procedure is completed, and then there’s a flood. The problem is that the owner of the management company is interested in receiving payment from the debtor, and its employees who are on the payroll are obliged to do this, explains General Director of the Institute of Regional Problems Dmitry Zhuravlev. – The bosses are busy people, but the employee, by and large, doesn’t care whether the tenant pays or not. And just because he starts searching for and claiming money, his own salary will not increase.”

There is another point that explains the slowness of utility workers. The fact is that older people often live in council houses. As a rule, this is an old housing stock managed by municipal management companies. The cost of maintaining housing there is lower than in new buildings. Therefore, even a long delay does not lead to a huge debt. As a rule, a person is sued no earlier than a year after he stopped paying.

“Now the average rent for an apartment is 5-7 thousand rubles per month. If a person does not pay for a year, he will accumulate about 70 thousand in debt. In modern times, this is not such a large amount, so the lawyers of the management companies are in no hurry to move,” Trushkov explains the indifference of those who service our houses.

But how “not such a large amount” adds up to the fact that management companies complain about a constant lack of money and this explains the poor provision of services is not clear.

Consulting the house book

“The Criminal Code, among other things, has the responsibility of maintaining house books for accounting of living citizens. This is necessary in order to determine the level of load on common property and calculate housing rates. In the book, people leave their contact information, which you can call and check whether the tenant is physically present in the apartment. If he has never been a debtor, but suddenly stops paying regularly, this should at least be alarming,” he wonders Head of the Center for Monitoring the Enforcement of Legislation Pavel Sklyanchuk.

“In general, in case of long-term non-payments, it would be necessary to automatically initiate a search case,” Zhuravlev suggests. – Let’s say there is a 6-month debt for an apartment – the Ministry of Internal Affairs begins to find out whether the person is alive and why he does not pay. This would be beneficial, first of all, to the management company itself.”

Plus, in an amicable way, experts say, each apartment building should have its own council, a house leader with one or two assistants. They must know all the residents, and if a person suddenly disappears, this fact will not go unnoticed. Alas, such an order does not exist everywhere.

There are no signs of life and no one cares?

Well, what about relatives, even if not the closest ones? Or the neighbors – who, it would seem, should come to their senses if a person shows no signs of life!

– This is amazing! A person doesn’t make himself known for months, years – and no one cares. No matter what happens between relatives, how can you ignore the elderly for so long! Even if there is no hint of warm feelings… What, even self-interest does not work for potential heirs?! Let’s say there are no relatives. But man did not live in a vacuum. Are the neighbors not bothered by the fact that no one has opened the door to the apartment for a long time, that the smell is suspicious, that a pile of receipts is sticking out of the mailbox? – argues Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin. – Apparently, the soul is degrading, it ceases to empathize. The Internet and something else have drowned out the development of the emotional-volitional sphere. Plus pathological phlegmatism – people are busy only with themselves. But the truth of life is this: today you don’t care about others, and tomorrow others will spit on you.


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