“Nothing has moved in six years”

“Nothing has moved in six years”

“Nothing has moved in six years,” he denounces. Israel Medinapresident of the neighborhood and cultural association Cofiris, who remembers that on a day like this Wednesday, February 14thbut of 2018 The City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria proceeded to closure of a section of the street Sierra Nevadain the upper part of the San Nicolás cliffto undertake the construction works of the Punta de Diamante viewpoint.

A project that was planned to be executed in six months and that involved modify the itinerary of the line 80 of Municipal Busesthe only one that provides service in this part of the neighborhood, and which resulted, as those affected point out, in the elimination of “five stops.”

A circumstance that has been complicating the lives of those who depend on public transportation to go to work, do the shopping or go to their doctor since they have seen how six months have turned into six years. Well, the appearance of the remains of the original city wall caused a project that to this day sleeps the sleep of the righteous to be stopped.

«They have not done anything there. They fenced a couple of times and took the fences away, and that it’s full of garbage», says Israel Medina about the state of the area today.

The neighbors ask that their demands be met.

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Secondary image 1 - The neighbors ask that their demands be met.

Secondary image 2 - The neighbors ask that their demands be met.

“They don’t take care of the heritage and the neighbors continue to suffer because they have to get off in front of the Military hospitalwhich is where the last stop of the 80, and walk almost two kilometers to their homes“, criticism.

Paca Rosa Suarez corroborates the words of the president of Cofiris, since it is one of those affected by this problem with the bus service, especially when it returns from the Vegueta Market. «That has me and all the older people fatal, because I come with three or four bags from the Plaza, loaded, and I have to stay at the Hospital and then walk to the blocks. AND there are many older people here The same thing happens to them and some even have to go down the slope,” he says, trying to draw the panorama faced by those who reside in a neighborhood marked by its orography.

Lidia Esther Delgado It also demands a solution to the public transportation service. «It’s not fair because there are many older people who have to come walking with bags and all. The same thing happened to my uncle, may he rest in peace, when he came home from the doctor. “It’s amazing,” he says.


This neighbor believes that 80 could continue its journey to the intersection of Sierra Nevada with Nilo Street, where the fence is located that prevents further circulation and turning to retrace your steps.

«This», points out Israel Medina, «This is what school transportation, excursion buses, and even the garbage truck do.», and it is one of the temporary solutions that he says he has been proposing to the City Council for years.

Another alternative is to “put a small bus like the one in San Juan. But “none of them have had a response,” says someone who remembers that the Councilor for Mobility is also the councilor for the Center district.to which Saint Nicholas belongs.

Likewise, he points out that another of the neighborhood’s demands is “to have more frequencies than 80 because right now it happens every 55 minutes. And we must remember that it not only provides neighborhood service but at people who have to come to the Military Hospital, including people derived from the Insular and Negrín to receive treatments. This its inhuman, for us and for them.

Medina explains that he also explained all this to Heriberto Dávila, the council’s Mobility advisor, during his visit to the area on January 3. “He told me to present in writing “All the issues we had discussed and I did that about 20 days later, but I am still waiting for a response.”


The residents of this part of San Nicolás also claim more cleaning and care. Well, as Paca Rosa Suárez indicates, «here v“Many foreigners come to take photos.”, says of the visitors who climb the cliff by tuk-tuk to enjoy the views it offers of the city. “And what you see is all this crap, it doesn’t seem fair to me,” she says.

The spokesperson for PP At the City Council, Jimena Delgado points out that “there is an agreement with Defense for land management” but that “it is the lack of management municipal that prevents the issue from prospering. Furthermore, he states that while the definitive solution is achieved there is “soft” performances that can be undertaken, such as putting “small buses” or “the taxi service on demand” announced by Mobility.


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