Numbers are revealed: Europe is looking for its old days

Numbers are revealed: Europe is looking for its old days

The majority of European Union (EU) households expect living conditions to worsen in 2024, according to a new Eurobarometer survey. In the survey, citizens wanted the fight against poverty to be at the top of the European Parliament’s agenda.

According to the survey conducted on behalf of EU institutions, 73 percent of participants think that their living standards will decrease next year, while 47 percent stated that their living standards have already fallen due to the pandemic, the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine and increasing inflation.

The research also revealed that 37 percent of people sometimes or often have difficulty paying their bills.


The majority of those who state that their living standards have decreased or expect them to decrease next year are in the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (77 percent), Greece (70 percent) and France (69 percent).

When asked whether they had difficulty paying their monthly bills over the past year, 36 percent of Greeks said “most of the time,” 50 percent said “some of the time,” and only 14 percent said “almost never or never.”

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By contrast, 93 percent in Sweden said they “almost never/never” have difficulty paying their bills.


At the same time, a large majority of respondents believe that EU activities have a positive impact on their daily lives. According to the survey, the biggest disadvantage of being a member state is that people have little influence on EU decisions.

The statistics were published six months ahead of the 2024 European Parliament elections, which will be held in all 27 member states between 6-9 June.


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