Nursing reactivates a campaign to demand its professional recognition

Nursing reactivates a campaign to demand its professional recognition

The professionals of the nursing and physiotherapy throughout the State have grown tired of waiting for the Ministry of Health to remedy the temporary reclassification established 15 years ago in the Basic Statute of Public Employees by which these workers were recognized within the professional subgroup A2.

To put an end to this situation that they consider unfair, since graduates in other degrees with the same number of credits are included in the A1 category, the Satse Nursing Union is carrying out a round of meetings with those responsible for the Ministry of Health and the regional ministries in this area. Also a few weeks ago, Satse in the Canary Islands met to address this matter with the Canary Islands head of Health, Esther Monzón, however, Satse understands that his request has fallen on deaf ears.

In a statement, the union organization that represents nurses and physiotherapists points out that Monzón lost the opportunity to claim labor reclassification last Friday of these professionals in accordance with the current qualification within the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System.

«The statements he made on the matter were brief and concise: that it is not time to address the matter because the budget is closed, but we need it addressed because it is necessary and fair», said Hernández about this comparative grievance with other professionals.

Physiotherapists and nurses study a degree with a load of 240 credits in teaching hours, while professionals from “other careers with the same hours are recognized within the A1 category,” says the general secretary of Satse in the Canary Islands, Yoel Hernández, who advocates for promoting a new classification that places these professions “in the place they deserve.”

The SCS nurse clarifies that this fight does not aim to obtain the same recognition as the medical community, since this career requires more teaching hours. «We do not compare ourselves with other categories with more credits. We are not fighting against doctors, but against other careers that also have 240 credits and are in subgroup 1», points out the union representative.

Discrimination against a very feminine profession

Regarding the causes of this discrimination of the group, it points out that nursing is an eminently feminine profession and in this classification it may have found a glass roof.

For this reason, these days, the union is asking the Ministry of Health and the regional councilors to make a regulatory change through the public service to equate nurses and physiotherapists with other professionals in group A1 such as economists or journalists. «We are requesting meetings and maintaining contacts, not only with the minister and the advisors, but with the parliamentary groups. Depending on the response we obtain, we will consider calling rallies and demonstrations.», warned the Satse representative.


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