Nutritionist Voight called sausages the main enemy of male libido | Health

Nutritionist Voight called sausages the main enemy of male libido |  Health

Ultra-processed red meat products, including sausages and sausages, reduce male libido, consultant nutritionist Christina Voight told Life in an interview.

In addition, mass-produced baked goods and sauces with a lot of sugar in their composition cause harm to libido, the specialist noted.

“Large amounts of added sugar (not only white sugar, but also Jerusalem artichoke syrup, erythritol, honey) are the main disruptors of human hormonal levels and, therefore, libido,” said the nutritionist.

To enhance libido, you should include several healthy and affordable foods in your diet, Voigt said.

According to the nutritionist, men should eat foods rich in zinc, since this trace element is important for the synthesis of the sex hormone testosterone. Zinc is found in sunflower and pumpkin seeds, parsley, sesame and ginger. Sources of natural high-quality protein and healthy fats, which are contained in unrefined vegetable oil or butter, will also benefit men’s health.

Previously, Doctor of Naturopathy and Preventive Medicine Olga Tsareva stated that eating mushrooms can increase both male and female libido, and chanterelles and porcini mushrooms have the greatest effect on this.


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