Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says, “AI will not cost a lot of money due to improved semiconductor performance.”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says, “AI will not cost a lot of money due to improved semiconductor performance.”

“The ‘AI fear’ has become too exaggerated.”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicted that the cost of investing in artificial intelligence (AI) will be less than expected as the performance of semiconductor chips improves.

CEO Hwang said in the talk program of the 2024 World Government Summit (WGS), which opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 12th (local time), “You don’t have to think that you need to buy more computers (for AI),” and “Computers are “It’s getting faster, so the amount of computers needed will not be that large.” He continued, “I am confident that AI costs will fall significantly thanks to the chip (semiconductor) industry manufacturing faster, faster, faster.”

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang is speaking in a talk program at the 2024 World Government Summit held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 12th (local time). Reuters Yonhap News

The reason CEO Hwang’s remarks received attention at this event is because of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s recent ‘funding rumor’ of astronomical scale.

The US daily Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the 9th that CEO Altman is seeking funding worth 5 trillion to 7 trillion dollars (about 6,600 to 9,300 trillion won) to develop and manufacture his own AI chips.

If CEO Altman’s plan to attract investment is true, it could become a strong competitor to Nvidia, which has a virtual monopoly on graphics processing unit (GPU) chips currently used in AI. He believes that NVIDIA GPUs are power-efficient and expensive, which is the main cause of OpenAI’s financial deterioration. He also judged that NVIDIA’s standardized GPU does not provide optimal performance because it is not ‘customized’, so he is taking steps to directly develop and manufacture AI chips to replace it. WSJ commented on this, saying, “It is Altman’s ambitious plan to change the world.” The main partner with whom CEO Altman is discussing investment is UAE funds, and he is scheduled to give a keynote speech on the 13th, so the world is paying attention.

CEO Hwang predicted that AI costs will decrease, but the increase will not stop anytime soon, and that the number of AI data centers worldwide, currently worth $1 trillion (approximately 1,320 trillion won), will double in five years. He also argued that each country should build its own sovereign AI infrastructure.

“No country should allow other countries or private companies to build its own AI infrastructure,” he said. “To exploit the economic potential of AI while protecting each country’s culture, every country needs to have its own AI infrastructure.” “There is,” he emphasized. He continued, “It is entirely up to the relevant government to build AI infrastructure as quickly as possible and then innovate and revitalize the industry.”

CEO Hwang dismissed fears about the risks of AI as “overly exaggerated” and evaluated that “new technologies and industries such as automobiles and aviation are already being successfully regulated.” “There are interest groups that are trying to scare and confuse others about this new technology (AI) and encourage them not to do anything about AI technology and say, ‘Rely on us,’” he said. “I think this is a mistake.” did.

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