Obstrely Ukraine: a special shield against drones was earned in the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Obstrely Ukraine: a special shield against drones was earned in the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukrainians have learned to “land” hostile Shahed. Photo: Ukrinform

The armed forces of Ukraine are constantly improving the systems that protect against kamikaze drones.

They manage to knock down enemy UAVs of the Shahed type with the help of a special shield – the Pokrova electronic warfare system, writes Forbes.

At the same time, the system does not need ammunition. It works on a much larger scale than other EW tools.

Its existence was reported by the former commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhny in November 2023, in a document in which he outlined his plans for further military operations, the journalists write.

“The Veil” covers Ukraine in the manner of how, according to legend, the Virgin Mary unfolded her veil over the church during the siege of Constantinople, which forced the besiegers to retreat,” the article says.

Doctor Thomas Whittingtonan expert in electronic warfare of the British Defense Analytical Center RUSI, said that this would require a network of perfectly synchronized transmitters.

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Journalists drew attention to the Telegram of the Air Force, in which they reported that on February 2 they managed to shoot down 11 Shahed and at least seven kamikaze drones did not reach their targets and were lost in the area.

They also pay attention to the fact that sometimes there are cases when Shahed are found unharmed. Consequently, it is assumed that they are shot down with the help of means of electronic warfare, and not by other means of fire defeat.

“It is impossible to say how effective “Pokrov” is, or how it is able to replace navigation signals. The Shahed attacks themselves occur at night, and jamming is supposed to be activated only at that time and in those places where drones fly,” the article notes.

2024 should be the year when Ukraine “overthrows Russia from the sky,” said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba.

He emphasized that the controller of the sky will determine when and how the war will end.

The assistance should provide for the provision of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine already in the process of long-range missiles, drones and electronic warfare equipment, noted Kuleba.


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