Occupant losses: how many invaders have been destroyed in the past day

Occupant losses: how many invaders have been destroyed in the past day


The total combat losses of the Russian occupiers on the morning of February 29 amounted to 413,760 people.

Over the past day, another 1,150 invaders were killed and wounded, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

“The data are being clarified,” the message says.

Author: facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua

Losses of the Russian invaders on February 29

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In general, during the full-scale war, Russians were destroyed:

tanks – 6593 (+23) units,

combat armored vehicles – 12552 (+44) units,

artillery systems – 10,070 (+41) units,

MLRS – 1000 (+0) units,

air defense equipment – 690 (+2) units,

aircraft – 342 (+0) units,

helicopters – 325 (+0) units,

operational-tactical UAV – 7768 (+15),

cruise missiles – 1912 (+0),

ships and boats – 25 (+0) units,

submarine – 1 (+0) unit,

automotive equipment and tank trucks – 13152 (+40) units,

special equipment – 1601 (+7).

Ukrainian forces attacked with rockets the gathering place of the personnel of the Russian occupiers in the city of Olenevka, Donetsk region, during the award ceremony. It is reported that two missiles were launched from HIMARS.

Russian publications write about 19 liquidated, among them the deputy commander of the 155th separate marine infantry brigade, as well as officers in the rank of major and lieutenant colonel.


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