‘Office Villain’ begins to be kicked out… Following Seoul, autonomous districts and public institutions ‘spread’

‘Office Villain’ begins to be kicked out…  Following Seoul, autonomous districts and public institutions ‘spread’

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Seoul Transportation Corporation imposes severe disciplinary action on four union officials

In order to weed out the so-called ‘office villains’, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating the ‘lowest work performance evaluation’ system, which has been private for some time, and autonomous districts and affiliated public institutions are also introducing the system one after another. Office villain is a compound word of ‘office’ and ‘villain’ and refers to a person who says or does something harmful to colleagues at work or has a negative impact on work.

According to Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, on the 12th, the district recently sent an official document to each department regarding the operation of ‘provisional evaluation’, the lowest grade of work performance evaluation. The official document included the following: “We plan to protect a large number of sincere employees from employees who disrupt the organizational atmosphere, and provide temporary ratings to employees who have extremely poor job performance attitudes due to lack of ability to perform their duties or negligence in their work.” An official from the district explained in a phone call, “Since Gwangjin-gu Mayor Kim Kyung-ho took office, we have made a lot of efforts to protect employees from malicious complainants, and furthermore, we announced the operation of the system to protect employees from ‘malicious colleagues.’”

Previously, the Seoul Metropolitan Government dismissed one of the employees who received a false rating in a performance evaluation at the end of last year from his position early this year. This is the first time that a person has been dismissed from his/her position based on performance evaluation rather than detection of misconduct. The city’s work performance evaluation is done in the ratio of number (20%), number (40%), amount (30%), and number (10%). Until now, evaluation has been made only based on number, number, and amount without evaluation of number. . However, when the issue of office villains was pointed out at a meeting between Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and city employees in 2022, it was reported that it was decided to introduce the previously ineffective household evaluation in earnest. In April last year, the city established the ‘Family Rating Standards Determination Committee’ and established standards.

The Local Public Officials Act stipulates that ‘persons who lack the ability to perform their duties or have extremely poor work performance’ may be dismissed from their positions. The district plans to conduct a training program for those who receive provisional evaluations and take personnel measures based on the evaluation results. Attention is being paid to whether the city and Gwangjin-gu’s temporary assessment operation will spread to other autonomous districts in Seoul.

At the end of last year, the Seoul Transportation Corporation, a public institution under the Seoul Metropolitan Government, imposed severe disciplinary action, including dismissal and dismissal, on four labor union executives who were absent without permission by abusing the ‘time-off system’ (working hour exemption system). As about 180 people are being investigated on the same charges, the number of people subject to disciplinary action is expected to increase. Although it is not a work evaluation, the result is the same in that it eliminates office villains.

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